Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director, acknowledged Hungary's excellent performance!

A big slap for the pimps!

Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director, acknowledged Hungary's excellent performance!

Péter Szijjártó held a joint press conference with the WHO Regional Director on Wednesday morning.

“Hungarian healthcare has performed excellently! You are the heroes of the pandemic! Hungary has gone beyond geopolitics, saving lives by purchasing vaccines from the East! ” said the head of the WHO. Hans Kluge also highlighted that the Hungarian healthcare system was well examined, we provided the beds, the equipment, and we also encouraged the healthcare workers (salary increase, premium, etc.), which he called a huge thing!

At the beginning of the briefing, Péter Szijjártó thanked all WHO employees for their fight against the virus. As he said, consultations between the Hungarian government and the WHO were ongoing during the epidemic, and the Director-General of the WHO was also regularly consulted. We took the recommendations of the WHO when taking the Hungarian protection measures, he noted.

He emphasized that Hungary is at the top of the EU rankings in terms of vaccination.

In connection with the successful vaccination program, he also thanked the defendants and the Hungarian healthcare workers for their work, adding that the right amount of vaccine was still provided.

He reported that 1,480,000 doses of the vaccine would come from Russia and China over the next ten days.


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