The Hungarian name will be beautiful again, worthy of its great old reputation!

This is how "Shooter", who has been whipped and demonized by the left for 10 years, helps, completely unnecessarily! I would rather follow the example of the 20 pieces of mask sweet little that I "donated" to Dobrev!

The Hungarian name will be beautiful again, worthy of its great old reputation!

Huge collaboration! At the initiative of the Mészáros Group, 23 Hungarian construction companies joined forces to help the victims of the Croatian earthquake with 120 fully equipped, furnished residential containers.

With a total donation of more than 360 million forints, they help the injured, whose houses have become life-threatening or severely damaged.

In the earthquake in Croatia last December, just a few hundred kilometers from our borders, thousands of homes collapsed, became uninhabitable and tens of thousands of people found themselves in a difficult situation. The residential containers will reach the cities of Petrinja, Glina and Sisak through the Ecumenical Relief Organization so that the victims can survive the reconstruction period under appropriate conditions.

“Following the earthquake in Croatia, Hungary has expressed its solidarity with the victims of the neighboring country in many ways. Residential containers purchased with the exemplary cooperation of Hungarian companies also show that this attention was not only for the first few days, but also those in trouble can count on Hungarian support in reconstruction. The Ecumenical Relief Organization was pleased to take on a coordinating role in the initiative so that the gap-filling assistance could reach its destination as soon as possible, ”said László Lehel, President and Director of the Ecumenical Relief Organization.

Half of the residential containers will be handed over to the Croatian civil defense, so they will go to the settlements affected by different earthquakes in Petrinja and Glina and their surroundings. And 60 for the city of Sisak, where a “container city” will be built for the victims so that they will not be left homeless during the reconstruction.

The containers solve the housing of more than 200 victims in total.

List of donors:

A-Híd Zrt.,
Belfry PE Kft.,
Duna Aszfalt Zrt.,
Épkar Zrt.,
EuroAszfalt Kft.,
Fejér-B.Á.L. Zrt.,
Horváth Építőmester Zrt.,
HUNÉP Építőipari Zrt.,
Laterex Építő Zrt.,
Magyar Építő Zrt.,
Market Építő Zrt.,
Pharos95 Kft.,
Mészáros és Mészáros Kft.,
Possibuild Építőipari és Szolgáltató Kft.,
R-KORD Építőipari Kft.,
Soltút Kft.,
SWIETELSKY Magyarország Kft.,
Szabadics Zrt.,
V-Híd Építőipari Zrt.,
West Hungária Bau Kft.,

Go Hungary!
Hungarians go for it!
Hajrá Hungarian companies!

👉Butter's donations (detail)
You can "Kick" and "Gas Mount", but most of all you can IMITATE!
️🟢Masser helps children with cancer
️🟢200 million forints for disadvantaged families
️️🟢70 tons of food for those in need
️️🟢8 million incubator for Semmelweis
20120 million for Levente's recovery
️️🟢100 million for the recovery of Zente
️️🟢50 million for the Heim Pál Children's Hospital
️️🟢1,000 million for crisis management
️️🟢50 million for St. John's Hospital
️️🟢360 million scholarship for talented students
️️🟢Free treatment for patients with SMA
️️🟢25 million for earthquake victims
️️🟢8 million for pediatric research and development
️🟢100 million for the Bicske Volunteer Fire Departmentä
👉Butter donationsä

👉The Butcher Foundation supports talented students with a scholarship. During its four-year existence, the foundation supported eight hundred young people with a total scholarship of more than HUF 360 million.
👉Free treatment was provided for children with SMA by the Butcher Groupénz_kezelest_tett_lehetove_az_SMA-s_gyermeknek_a_Meszaros-hmä
👉 Work is progressing well on the 28-kilometer section of the M8 motorway between Körmend and the Austrian border (Rábafüzes). Butcher builds, fake propaganda lies
👉In Europe, there are only 3 railway construction machine chains like the one purchased by V-Híd Építő Zrt.ó_at_a_mai_napon_Debrecenben
👉Another school is being built in Hungary, where a local Hungarian company can build, this time in Felcsút.
👉Butter builds because he has the best offer as always
👉Mészáros renovates dilapidated, party-closed party resorts and opens them to the public.
👉If a butcher builds a bridge, that's fine.
👉Gyurcsánys received a HUF 2,000 million dividend from their company, while they did not sacrifice any stinking iron for epidemiological control. Butcher donated $ 1 billion for this purpose.
👉Masser companies are renovating the Elizabeth camps, 80-100 thousand children can enjoy the renewed environment every year.
Lőrinc Mészáros employs 25,000 people, everyone is paid, including the subcontractors.
👉In contrast to the false news, Lőrinc Mészáros hardly won a public procurement in the period 2011-2019.
👉The reconstruction of the Museum of Fine Arts was recognized with the European Nostra Prize! This is what Mészáros did.
👉Sleep news vs reality.
👉About the Mátra power plant
👉The Butcher Foundation supports talented students with a scholarship
👉Another donation.
👉Lőrinc Mészáros will create another 500 jobs!
👉Hunguest Hotels is embarking on the largest renovation program of all time
👉After TITÁZ, TIGÁZ will also become the property of OPUS Global Zrt!
👉Elisabeth Camp has been renewed!
Twice as many children can camp, in 21st century conditions, in safety as before!
👉The opposition is proud, and the Hungarian companies are working in the "bled" Budapest!


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