After the OPNI building, the Budagyöngye Hospital will also be saved!

Gyurcsány's legacy!

After the OPNI building, the Budagyöngye Hospital will also be saved!

👉The left is destroying, Fidesz is building! This is the case!

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Mihály Vargawrote: Investments in Buda! Not only does OPNI escape destruction!
The Budagyöngye Hospital, also closed in 2007, is located in the II. district in Hűvösvölgy comes to life. A nurse’s hostel and training center will be established with government support.
The building was originally the mother house of the Congregation for the Daughters of St. Francis of Assisi, which also housed a nursing school. The institution was established in Annex II. nationalized after World War II, the building housed a party school, a school for children with lung disease, and was closed for 14 years as a ward of St. Roch's Hospital.
It will soon open in its original beauty, in its original function.

"Health in ruins," they say, are those who have closed hospitals:

- (Veszprém) Heim Pál Children's Hospital, 1995;
- Csepel Hospital, 2003;
- (Kapuvári) Lumniczer Sándor Hospital, 2007;
- BM Hospital and Clinic, 2007;
- (Budapest, Szabolcs utca) National Medical Center, 2007;
- (OPNI) National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, 2007;
- Buda Children's Hospital, 2007;
- Svábhegy Children's Hospital, 2007;
- Schöpf-Mérei Hospital, 2007;
- Szolnok Lung Hospital, 2008;
- Pécs Lung Hospital and Sanatorium, 2009.

Those who sold hospitals to their buddies (Hospinvet scandal)

- Eger Hospital
- Kiskunhalas Hospital
- Körmend Hospital
- Hatvan Hospital
- Gyöngyös Hospital
- Parádfürdő Hospital

They who put thousands of doctors and nurses on the streets!
They are the ones who have closed the youth training institutions!

And these "people" want to destroy Hungary again!
Think, liberal voter! If you choose these, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself, your children and grandchildren!

We have been cleaning the ruins left behind by the left for 10 years
The Gyurcsánys closed the OPNI, the building was allowed to be destroyed, Fidesz established the Nyírő Gyula National Institute of Psychiatry and Addiction in 2013, and now the listed building will come to life again!
"Educational reform" Gyurcsány style
We have been cleaning the ruins left behind by the left for 10 years!
It's down! Health is not important to the opposition!
Open attack on health! Even in opposition and able to hinder development, even hospital development!
Crime record of Gyurcsany. The list is not exhaustive!
Do you want to live and work in a country under construction or decline?
On the table, the difference between the left and Fidesz
Gyurcsány - Lies (with examples) Instructional video
World Monument Day!
And the government is not talking about this, it is acting!


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