Here is the "stolen money"

You will never see this on the pages of the fake media and left-liberal parties! 2000 developments in a single video, before / after pictures, billions for the development of our country!

Our video has expanded and we are now presenting reality in over 40 minutes. The index, HVG, Telex, ATV, DK, Momentum and other lying left-liberal parties and media depict Hungarian health care with closed and dismantled Romanian hospitals, ruptured Russian colleges years ago, "stadium" for 10 years, shouting theft. developments are silenced.

Hospitals, schools, kindergartens, doctor's offices, nurseries, roads, bike paths, parks, public transport, green spaces, renewable energy, theaters, historic buildings, bridges, railways, vehicles, tree planting, flood protection, and much more in Compiling Numbers!

Improvements in the video have been tagged, the video has been expanded. Those who think playback is too fast can stop the video at any point and read the subtitles. The video became 42 minutes and that’s just a fraction of what was built and renovated in 10 years!

Dobrev scolded the manual workers, even though the improvements in the video were made by them. Respect and gratitude to all Hungarian people who do not speak, but work for the benefit of our country and nation, from decision makers to auxiliary workers!

We don’t go into word of mouth, instead of word battles, we publish reality with an authentic source designation! We believe in our eyes, and not in the power-hungry, left-liberal, betrayal politicians and their footsteps media!

The video is a fragment of the developments implemented and in progress within the framework of the following programs!
Steindl Imre Program
Healthy Budapest Program
Hungarian Village Program
Hospital development program
National Hauszmann Program
National Public Education Infrastructure Development Program
National Castle Program and National Castle Program
Modern Cities Program
Nursery construction program
Széchenyi 2020
National Afforestation Program
Settlement Afforestation Program
10,000 trees to Budapest Program
Carpathian Basin Kindergarten Development Program
Zrínyi 2026 Program
National School Renovation Program
50 Renewable Railway Station Program
Ödön Téry National Tourist House Development Program

Share it with your "stadium" and "theft" shouting friends! Let's show everyone the irrefutable reality!

Go Hungary!
Hungarians go for it!
Come on Fidesz!

PS: The video was made because of point 6 of the Gyurcsányi lies!

👉The video is also available on our Youtube channel!

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