Loopy liberal impairment also in vaccination of priests

Loopy liberal impairment also in vaccination of priests

Priests and pastors are vaccinated out of line now that we have crossed the 3,250,000 vaccinated. We may have become accustomed to the loss of identity loopy liberals attacking everything that is a religion that prefers a normal family or is just national. This was not the case with the vaccination of priests and pastors. We’ve flipped through the comments on the index article on Facebook and the filth we found there is depressing. The vision that is acceptable to us is described in the Conjuncture blog.

Let's look at the question from the side of the numbers!

We know that the number of vaccinees is over three million, we also know that at least one million from the Eastern vaccine alone will arrive in April, and the number of vaccinees could double by the end of May. Elderly priests, pastors, and those who are also engaged in educational activities have already been vaccinated.

A total of 3,000 Catholic priests, 1,560 Reformed and 350 Lutheran pastors serve in Hungary. These are the largest churches. We did not find exact statistics, but taking into account all the historical churches, the number of priests and pastors cannot reach 6,000. A lot of them are elderly, and a lot of them also teach, meaning they could already get the vaccine along with the teachers. Many may have been queuing anyway, so they shouldn’t be considered queuing either. We are now talking about a very maximum of 3,000 extraordinary vaccinations of people who are presumably long overdue and would be queued anyway. This is being attacked by atheist liberals.

It is well known that 1,000,000 doses of vaccine will arrive from China in April, which can be given as the first dose because the remaining nearly 3,000,000 doses are due in May. 200,000 first doses are coming under contract from Russia and hundreds of thousands more from the EU.

So within 2-3 weeks, while this up to 3,000 priests and pastors are vaccinated, the number of people vaccinated could increase by at least 1,000,000.

That is, 0.3% of those who will be vaccinated in the coming weeks will experience brainlessness in the loopy liberal space. Don't get me wrong! That is exactly what we expected from them.


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