So the government “doesn’t help”!

So the government “doesn’t help”!

👉The minimum orphan's benefit more than doubles!
👉Orva creates a foundation for children János Áder!
👉The range of people eligible for home renovation support has been further expanded!
👉 The gyes, gyed and gyet privileges have been extended!

Katalin Novákwritten by:
"Next year, the minimum orphan's benefit will more than double to 50 thousand forints from January 1. In Hungary, 55,000 orphaned or half-orphaned children are entitled to orphan's benefits, the average amount of which is currently 41,000 forints per month, minimum 24.250 HUF. 42,000 per month. I am confident that with this measure we can make the daily lives of children who have lost one or both parents a little easier. "

Our family policy is effective!
The government has reached a strategic agreement with family organizations!
In the 11 years since 2010, we have more than doubled the amount spent on family support to $ 2,600 billion! With family support in excess of 5% of GDP, Hungary is a world leader!
We have something to be proud of! The greatest achievements of the Fidesz governments in a single article!
Net wages then and now. Don't be your own enemy!



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