Tímea Szabó received the next political slap from Tiszafüred

a livelihood politician for a dwarf party called Dialogue

Tímea Szabó received the next political slap from Tiszafüred

According to this woman (let's not match it with additional markers, everyone knows what we mean anyway), according to Tiszafüred's recently renovated and handed over main square is not green enough. At the end of the writing, there will be a video for everyone to decide if they need more trees in a main square. In our opinion, no, it is not necessary to plant a forest in the city center, but to create a community space suitable for all functions. Eg concerts, Christmas market, sporting events, etc. These also require a demanding, paved area!

Well, it is possible that no lousy disease has been planted in Budapest since the 2019 municipal elections, but the existing trees have been left in Tiszafüred and new ones have been planted. What makes the main square right now "not green enough" is because the trees are BIRDS! They may not know this in Budapest, but everyone in the countryside is aware of it. Within two weeks, the space will turn green. If you might have a problem with this (deep air ....) growth with the paved pavement, note that the center of every city is paved. Maybe you don’t think you should be muddy in the mud? Let Tímea Szabó stay calm in Budapest, within the boulevard, there you may find people who think similarly (sickly). In rural areas, such people are thrown out of society by themselves.

Mayor of the city,Imre Ujvárireacted to Tímea Szabó's splash!
On behalf of Tiszafüred, I reject the condescending tone with which Tímea Szabó, the Member of Parliament for the 1% Dialogue, speaks about our beloved city.
A representative woman who has probably never been to Tiszafüred, but perhaps not even at Lake Tisza, does not like the new main square of Tiszafüred! Contemplating Budapest, he depicts the new community space, which was the old desire and need of the people of Tiszafüred, all in a way that apparently he has no idea about the project, the city or the people living here. Apparently he doesn’t even know what conditions prevailed in this part of town.
As a self-appointed meteorologist, he envisions tropical heat here and even makes shameful accusations against those who worked on the implementation.
This new city center was built by the people of Tiszafüred for the people of Tiszafüred. So when you despise our work and suspect us, you are rating and insulting the work of local people.
After the handover, hundreds of families in Tiszafüred took over the new playground and the main square with great pleasure, as they had been waiting for this development for a long time.
But the capital of Lake Tisza is also becoming more and more popular among tourists, and even more and more people are moving here from big cities, including Budapest, because the natural environment and the developing city are attractive to them.
I don't know if ignorance or envy gave birth to this substandard outburst, in any case Tímea Szabó will not tell us what our city center should be like. That is exactly why Tiszafüred does not ask for it and the opposition rally, neither now nor in the future. "

Mayor's statement:https://www.facebook.com/Ujv%C3%A1ri-Imre-1522376201425707/
Splash of Tímea Szabó:https://www.facebook.com/szabotimeapm/posts/3964333896956514
In Tiszafüred, the trees promised after the birth of a child are actually planted
Not in Budapest at the moment! (Stubble planted 10,000 trees!)
Amazing video of the city's main square:https://www.facebook.com/1522376201425707/videos/310012550548049

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