It's down! Health is not important to the opposition!

Open attack on health!

It's down!  Health is not important to the opposition!

During the rule of the left, he sold, privatized and closed hospitals. They are now obstructing the renovation of the hospital in Hódmezővásárhely! Do you understand? So THE RENOVATION OF THE HOSPITAL IS OBSTACLED BY THE MAYOR OF THE CITY! They are really doing everything they can to make it WORST!

Construction would begin at the outpatient clinic, but the city would ask for nearly 140 million forints just to have a crane standing next to the construction site in a public area. Thus, Vásárhely will have a hard time developing.

Referring to a 2004 municipal decree, the municipality of Vásárhely would ask for a staggering price for using the public space needed to renovate the local hospital. Probably a national record would be close to HUF 140 million, which the contractor would have to pay for the semi-track closure of a part of the short Hunyadi Street, just so that a crane could stand there during construction.

The healthcare institution is working on major developments as part of a cross-border tender program. Within the framework of the ROHU-450 joint tender with the Szatmár Merciful Nurses Association, for about HUF 3 billion, two new levels will be built for the outpatient clinic, which will house internal medicine and pediatrics. However, the tower crane required for the floor construction can only be erected in the public area directly next to the building, in a part of Hunyadi Street, at a very peppery price.

According to the information on our portal, the contractors were shocked by the demand of the municipality. We know that the city has not initiated any consultation with the company working on the renovation of the public institution, which, although not mandatory, is strange in the sense that such an amount is unrealistic for anyone who is minimally informed in local or even national conditions. The company cannot even afford this, so negotiations have been initiated with the municipality so that the development of the hospital is not jeopardized by the use of public space. To our knowledge, the nearly 140 million have also pulled out the collateral at the health care facility.

The relationship between the hospital and Péter Márki-Zay has not been cloudless either. Even during his mayoral campaign, Mark-Zay wanted to make local health care a political theme and target, and made statements to the institution that whoever goes in there risks his life. Because of the lies and the breach of the institution’s reputation, the hospital went to court, which ruled on the health institution on several points, and the mayor condemned him.

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