The government has decided! (with video)

But not like the Gyurcsány government!

The government has decided!  (with video)

Tax increase
👉INTER, the range of people eligible for home renovation support has been further expanded!

Katalin Novák wrote:
"Under simpler conditions, even more people can apply for home creation and home renovation grants, introduced on January 1, 2021! Some of the new features from the changes are:
The range of renovations eligible for home renovation support has been expanded.
Those who, by profession, live in a service property provided by their employer (eg doctors, nurses, teachers, soldiers, pastors) can apply for home renovation allowance to renovate their own home without having lived there for 1 year.
The adaptation costs of the design documentation of family houses that can be downloaded from the National Sample Plan Catalog can also be accounted for from the CSOK (eg adaptation to a plot, permitting).
When taking out a home renovation loan, the borrower may also involve a close relative who is not a beneficiary (eg a parent, grandparent, sibling, as well as a spouse) as a debtor.
Temporary reductions are available for the tax refund support for construction started in 2020.
Watch the video, send it to your friends so that as many people as possible can take advantage of the new opportunities! "

Thank You!

In this article, we summarized what the Gyurcsany did when they ruled! Read and compare it with the work of the current government!
In this article, we have summarized how the government helps children without children or people with adult children. We did this because many people shout, "Orbán only helps family members." That's not true, here are the details!
This is the real performance!
👉Tax exemption for young people
👉CSOK, baby waiting for young couples
👉Tax discount, home renovation for families
👉13. monthly pension for the elderly
👉Rice reduction, tax reduction, improvements for everyone!
We have something to be proud of! The biggest results of Fidesz since 2010!

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