Several Pfizer vaccines can be given because we also have an oriental vaccine

What if the left steered - Part 3

Several Pfizer vaccines can be given because we also have an oriental vaccine

At first glance, the statement may seem a bit strange, but we will explain why more people can be vaccinated with Pfizer and other EUs vaccines at the moment because we also got Eastern. Obviously, the end result will equalize within a few months.

In the first column of the first table of source 1, under the arrived vaccines, we see 2 817 848 in total. How is this possible when more than three million people have already been vaccinated with the first dose? Fidesz is lying, the poor would say.

In early March, the vaccination protocol was changed to extinguish each vaccine as the first dose possible, as even the first dose provides great protection. Moreover, the importance of the second dose dwarfs that of the first dose! It should be noted that only the content of the first and second doses differs in the case of the Sputnik V vaccine, as the adenovirus used is different (Ad26, Ad5). For the other vaccines, the two doses are the same, so care should be taken to ensure that the interval between the two doses is in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. This is one of the keys to the trick. In early March, the timing of the second dose was increased from 3 weeks to 5 weeks for Pfizer and from 4 weeks to 12 weeks for AstraZeneca.

Despite left-liberal pacing, the high-quality Sinopharm Chinese vaccine has so far received 1,100,000 doses. The second dose should be given 4 weeks after the first dose. After the 550,000 doses in the first round, there were another 450,000 and 100,000 doses, but for a long time nothing. So with the Chinese vaccine, 550,000 people can be vaccinated, that’s how many people have been vaccinated in two doses. If the latter two consignments had also been used for the first dose, the 4-week manufacturer's recommendation for the second dose would not have been possible. There will be 3,900,000 doses of Sinopharm vaccine in the next 1-2 months, enough to vaccinate an additional 1,950,000 people.

In the case of Sputnik, it is always indicated whether a first or second dose is due. Therefore, you can see (1) the received dose in the column is 1 225 600, while in the main column it is 802 800. So from Sputnik you still have approx. A dose suitable for the first vaccination of 200,000 people will be received by contract in April, the rest will be the second dose.

Shipments of Pfizer’s vaccine are already arriving weekly in predictable and hopefully increasing quantities of the order of two hundred thousand. The delivery rate of other EU vaccines is slower and less reliable.

The values ​​in the Main Column in the EU procurement table for Source 1 would be true for the “orthodox” method, in fact many more people (e.g. Pfizer) have been vaccinated with these vaccines. This is because, according to the refined vaccination protocol, all vaccines are used as much as possible for the first dose. For example, the 248,000 doses of Pfizer received on April 13, mentioned in Source 2, total 180,000 are used as the first dose (hospitals and educators) and only the remainder (68,000 doses) are given as the second dose.

Thus, as many EUs vaccines as possible are currently given as a first dose. Meanwhile, the 500,000 first doses of Sputnik, which arrived in recent weeks, have been largely extinguished, Sinopharm has been extinguished before. We are waiting for the remaining 200 thousand first-dose Sputnik, who will arrive soon. We also look forward to Sinopharm coming in the coming weeks. As soon as they arrive, the EUs vaccines that arrive later will mostly be used for the second dose, and even need to be used to get the second dose to people in time after the first dose. In the meantime, vaccination with the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine will be drastically increased as they will be given as a first dose again.

It can be stated that in the possession of oriental vaccines it is possible to apply this (so far always expedient) unorthodox solution to perfection, currently only in the possession of oriental vaccines can many more people be vaccinated with EUs vaccine in the first round.

So the independent East and West orders allow us to bring about this incredibly high rate of vaccination. Currently, we have vaccinated hundreds of thousands more with the unorthodox method than if they were orthodox.

Thinking differently, without Eastern vaccines, we would have much less room to optimize doses only in the possession of Westerners.

These were the statements. But why?

If we had only EUs, mostly Pfizer vaccines, and only a first dose for a while, then only a second dose could be given for a while because the time between the two doses would pass. So the graph of inoculation (received the first dose) would be studded with ups and downs. That is, per time interval, the vaccination of the population would not increase or only very slowly, which would raise strange questions. Together with the East, these ups and downs can be smoothed out, and grafting can be better increased and more predictable. Obviously, the end result will be the same in a few months, but with this solution, vaccination can be increased in the critical intermediate time, which can save lives. Vaccination can be increased much better than simply adding the number of vaccines.

Incidentally, it is no coincidence that the first dose came from Sputnik in large batches.

So there is a very responsible, well-thought-out vaccination program, taking into account national interests and human life, optimized to the extreme. He denied and denies the existence of this vaccination plan, which is criticized by the left-liberal opposition. He who uses his mind a little does not believe them what they ask.

Unfortunately, an exact statement of the type of vaccines administered has not yet been found. The above line of thought was derived from the facts reported by the Government and the Operational Staff.


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