Mass testing is not the answer

Or a crazy wind blowing from a crazy hole

Mass testing is not the answer

Bernadett, who had just been blown by the wind towards the Momentum, again took out the mantra of mass testing, even though even Euronews wrote that mass testing gives a false sense of security.

We have previously written about the results of a mass test conducted in Slovakia. We observed that mass testing had only a short-term effect on the epidemic curve. We also found that it was not clear to what extent the temporary decline was due to the impact of mass testing and the restrictions introduced a few weeks before / during testing.

At the end of January, Slovakia conducted another mass test involving nearly three million people, representing 50-60% of the country’s population. Antigen rapid assays have been used in the same way as before, with efficiencies far below PCR assays. We are talking about 30,000 screened people (1%). In parallel, restrictive measures have been introduced.

But what about infections not detected by antigen tests? Or what about the other half of the population who have not been tested?

Researchers have shown that mass testing can be effective on a regular basis, however, it gives a false sense of security due to the volatility of the test result (true only when performed, not the next day) and the high false negative rate of rapid antigen tests.

If we look at the Worldometer chart of active infections in Slovakia, we can see that the mass testing at the end of January and the restrictions introduced in parallel caused a halt, but not a long-term improvement. Apart from this, the epidemic curve grows as if no mass testing had been carried out, see the same figure for Hungary.

So it can be stated that Bernadett, who was just winding at Momentum, which is just without any momentum and torque, did not manage to form a position that could be taken with full chest width for even a moment, a moment. Though his thoughts fit perfectly into the opposition brainstorming that is changing his rhetoric like a weather vane.

Mass testing can therefore only be effective if carried out on a regular basis, with appropriate security measures. However, it seems inconceivable to us that many millions of people, the entire population of a country, should be tested every few weeks, on weekends. Let's focus on vaccinations instead! It has been proven to work, see Israel and England.


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