Our family policy is effective!

Our family policy is effective!

And the family support elements are tied to work! A few weeks ago, Katalin Novák said perhaps the most important sentence: "The government helps those who want to live for their children, not their children!" - and that's the only right way!

Katalin NovákAccording to the latest data of Eurostat, fertility has been declining in the member states of the European Union for 3 years, but has increased in Hungary!
Between 2010 and 2019, the desire to have children increased by 24%, which is the largest development in the EU.
As a result of family-friendly governance, we have moved from army drivers to the midfield and have even become at the forefront of growth.
By 2010, as a result of the economic crisis and the austerity measures of the left, the desire to have children in Hungary had fallen to the lowest level in Europe.
The turnaround began in 2012 and the positive effects of family tax and contribution reductions, followed by real wage increases, will also prevail.
Three years ago, three out of five planned children were born, today it is four children.

️ The main goal of the Government is still to support Hungarian families, to facilitate the adoption of children, and to restart the economy.
We also show you the latest demographic data from Eurostat.

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Here was a certain, perhaps most important sentence: "The Minister put it this way: they make no secret of helping those who want to live for their children and not their children, that is, not offering help, tying a significant portion of family benefits to work."


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