This is how Hungary develops every single day!

And that's what left-liberals say, "Zorban steals"

This is how Hungary develops every single day!

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🟢 In this article, we have summarized the most important, perceptible measures of 10 years of civil government work.

And now comes our compilation today!

1. The Géza Gyóni Primary School in Dabas is expanding and renewing.
Member of Parliament Károly Pánczélwrote: The expansion of the Natural-Gyón Primary School is progressing well. I am pleased to see that on September 1, the students can finally take possession of the new wing of the building at Géza Gyóni Primary School.
According to the decision of the government, the expansion will be implemented as a priority building construction investment, from the amount of HUF 568,026,093.
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2. The important exit road of Kecskemét is quadrupled
The NIF issued a call for tenders for the development of the road connecting Kecskemét and Nagykőrös.
Last time we wrote in an interview a few days ago that Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. (NIF) plans to launch 60 percent more road development public procurement this year. As one of the steps, the investing company recently published a call for tenders for the development of the main road No. 441 between Kecskemét and Nagykőrös in the EU public procurement notice.
The investment is justified, among other things, by the fact that due to the large investments in Kecskemét - among them mainly the Mercedes factory - the number of commuters between Kecskemét and Nagykőrös has thoroughly increased in recent years.
According to the announcement, on the section of the main road 441 between the northern bypass 445 Kecskemét and Téglagyári utca in Nagykőrös, the existing 2x1-lane pavement will be reinforced for about 7.29 km.
In parallel with the road development, bicycle paths will also be built
In addition to the above, including:
on the section between the main road 441 Nagykőrös Téglagyári utca and the road 4614, the existing 2x1 lane pavement will also be reinforced, on a section about 1.1 km long - this affects the inner area of ​​Nagykőrös;
in the Nagykőrös Téglagyári út junction, a single-lane roundabout will be established at the road junction;
an axle weighing bay will be established in the vicinity of the 22,300 km section;
In the settlement part of Kecskemét Katonatelep, 6 signaling and 3 vehicle classification junctions will be established, and a pedestrian crossing provided with 1 traffic light will be established;
parallel to the main road 441, in addition to the section affected by the intervention, a bicycle path and service roads suitable for cycling will be built or rebuilt.

3. A new producer market opens in Perbal!
Mihály Vargawritten by:Take your homeland! A new producer market will soon open in Perbal. The development will be implemented with the support of the government for HUF 120 million. Why is the new market good?
-It stimulates the trade of the settlement.
-Provides livelihoods to local producers.
-Families have access to good quality, fresh food.
With the program announced by the Ministry of Finance in 2018, the markets will be built and modernized in 20 more settlements.

4. Road construction in Etyek!
Tamás Zólyomi - Etyek mayoral candidatewrote: ROAD CONSTRUCTION-ETYEK
The road engineer asked: Why am I in a suit on the construction site? I said we were celebrating! He asked a little funny: What? It is natural for him, it is a holiday for us every day when our settlement is built, developed and beautified!
Many thanks to everyone who took part in this beautiful task!
We would like to thank the Government of Hungary and our Member of Parliament Zoltán Tessely for their support! HAJRÁ ETYEK!

5. A new nursery is being built in Székesfehérvár!
Dr. András Cser-Palkovicswrote: Licensing plans for the new nursery have been completed, and construction plans are currently being developed. The public procurement procedure for the construction is expected to be announced later this spring. The building is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022 and will meet the latest professional, service, architectural and energy efficiency requirements in all respects.
A four-room nursery for fifty-six small children will be built on Úrhidai út, on an empty municipal plot opposite the new condominiums. Székesfehérvár won more than one billion forints of non-refundable EU tender funds for the development.
The new nursery will also house a kitchenette for 60 people, where they will also cook for children with lactose, egg and gluten sensitivity. The project also includes the acquisition of equipment for operation and maintenance tasks.

6. A new nursery is being built in Harká!
Attila Barczawrote: I am pleased to report again on a significant investment in Harkka, which will soon enter the construction phase. A new, modern nursery is being built in the settlement. With the establishment of a family-friendly, employment-facilitating institution, the employment situation and quality of life of Harkka families will also improve.
The Hungarian governmentit does its best to enable children to grow up in the best possible conditions.
Congratulations to the settlement!


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