Máté Kocsis: You have to stand by Zsolt Petry!

Máté Kocsis: You have to stand by Zsolt Petry!

Thank You,Máté Kocsis! Very hard words and very timely collaboration!These things spread faster than the virus, and there is no vaccine against them!

"We have to stand by Zsolt Petry!
Hertha’s excellent goalkeeper coach lost his job simply because he shared his opinion in an interview. Your opinion! By the way, he was right: Europe has eliminated itself with mindless migration!
By firing him, opinion terrorists have also arranged that he is expected to have a hard time finding a new job because the iron fist will also hit anyone who might give it to him. I really hope that Péter Gulácsi will stand by him ...
It is unacceptable that it is not knowledge and ability that matters, but the unconditional service of idi *** liberal propaganda.
Scandal, which everyone already knows, so there are only a few questions left:
1️⃣ Is this the kind of freedom of speech and opinion that the West should follow?
2️⃣ Why are all the big-mouthed liberals flattening at home now who would otherwise have raged themselves to the point of fainting?
3️⃣ Does diversity mean that a position can exist in a socio-public debate?
4️⃣ Where is Vera Jourová and the often loud domestic advocacy detachment?
Send it on, let's stand by Zsolt Petry!"

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