Help the villages!

The Hungarian village business restart program is launched, the basic goal of which is to encourage investments!

Help the villages!

HUF 25 billion budget, HUF 2-10 million support per company, which can be combined with the 10 million interest-free restart loan. The support can be up to 70%, ie the state will take over 70 forints per 100 forints! So the government "doesn't help" ....

The Hungarian village business relaunch program will start soon, in the spring, the basic goal of which is to encourage investments, the Secretary of State for Economic Strategy and Regulation of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology announced at a press conference in Budapest on Tuesday.
László György announced that in the first round, HUF 25 billion will be available to companies employing less than ten people. A company can receive 2-10 million forints, the source can be combined with a 10 million HUF quick restart loan, he added.

The essence of the program was summarized by the Secretary of State in that small businesses operating in small settlements apply for small grants. These benefits represent an opportunity for companies to step up, he noted.
The aid intensity is a maximum of 70 percent, ie the state takes over a maximum of 70 per 100 forints from the cost of the investment.

The resource can be used for many things, including wages, machinery, workshops, information technology developments and training. Due to European Union requirements, you must have at least one closed business year.

The details will be uploaded to
László György emphasized that not only every life, but every business counts.

Alpár Gyopáros, the government commissioner responsible for the development of modern settlements, emphasized that the new tender opportunity will be opened in accordance with the Hungarian village program. He recalled that the program, for which the government has spent HUF 600 billion so far, is in its third year. They strive to improve the quality of life for all villagers, he declared.

The program rests on several pillars. This includes the rural family home creation discount (chok), which was used by almost 20,000 families, worth HUF 100 billion. Inferior state roads have been or will be renewed for 2,500 kilometers. Tenders are constantly being issued to local governments, parishes and non-governmental organizations, 12,000 winners have been announced in two years, and developments worth HUF 130 billion have been launched; almost 3,000 village buildings and institutions - such as service flats, kindergartens, schools - were renovated to become doctors and educators. This year's novelty is that they want to save the small shops as well, they want to reopen them - listed Alpár Gyopáros.

The government commissioner noted that the Hungarian village program has so far operated exclusively from budgetary sources. Although efforts have been made to raise EU funds, this will only become a reality now. The Hungarian village business restart program will support at least 2-3 thousand companies, but it could be 5-6 thousand, he said.

In this article, we have summarized the government’s further crisis management measures and the greatest achievements of the previous 10 years that have helped to make this “hurt”.


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