German "rule of law"

Awesome: Zsolt Petry was fired by Hertha for his political opinion! Zsolt Petry's "sin" was that he was on the side of normality

German "rule of law"

Zsolt! Consider this an acknowledgment and NEVER apologize for being on the side of normality! Left-liberals are weak, intolerant of the diversity of opinions, even though they have consistently proclaimed that they are fighting for diversity. This is not true! They’re just pushing a certain amount of propaganda that we’re not asking for! Zsolt, come home, no one at home will surely drag you because it's NORMAL.

Shame! Are these coming to teach us out of the rule of law? Those who fire a man because they HAVE THEIR OWN OPINION! It is as if a Hungarian company has fired a German colleague who says that the family is something else, as we Hungarians have known for centuries. How screaming would it be? And they accuse us of homophobia while they themselves are chasing people who represent NORMALITY! By the way, isn't there an expression for that? Slowly, normalcy will be pursued ... We are not afraid, and we will not scribble meaningless shapes on our palms under any pressure ....

Hertha BSC announced on its official website that it had terminated Zsolt Petry's contract with immediate effect after the club's Hungarian goalkeeper coach had also expressed his political opinion in an interview with Magyar Nemzet.

Hertha's announcement justifies the dismissal of Zsolt Petry on the grounds that his statement published in Magyar Nemzet is not in line with the values ​​represented by the club. Thus, the termination of the contract was not for professional reasons, but for the fact that, as an employee of the team, he expressed an opinion that did not appeal to the club. (In parentheses: according to them, the German Labor Code allows this! The Hungarian does not!)

“We have always valued the work of Zsolt Petry during his years with Hertha. We knew him as a helpful, tolerant, and open man who had never made homophobic or xenophobic manifestations. We would like to thank Zsolt Petry for his work and wish him all the best in the future, ”quotes CEO Carsten Schmidt in an article published on Hertha's website.

In the statement, Zsolt Petry also said: “I would like to emphasize that I am neither homophobic nor xenophobic. I regret my statement on immigration policy, and I apologize to all those who seek refuge with us and who I have offended. I loved working for Hertha and I respect the decision. I wish the club all the best for the future. ”

Petry has been a member of Hertha’s professional staff since 2015. He previously coached at Paderborn and Hoffenheim, and in 2008 he was the goalkeeper of the Hungarian national team under Erwin Koeman.


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