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Development of the Intellectual Workshop of Numbers against Censorship! - the national news stream has started

Many and we have long complained that Facebook and other monopoly tech companies decide for us what we can see in the feed and what we don’t, they decide who can post and who can’t, and they also decide that how many people can see a particular post. Facebook has a huge influence in public life, in political life, and as we have seen in the example of the United States, they can even influence the outcome of elections. In a world where the incumbent U.S. president can be banned, we couldn’t wait with his hands on his lap.
THEhttps://maiposzt.hua new approach to social media-based communication. We know that in Hungary, given the high number of users, the use of Facebook by right-wing opinion formers is inevitable. We also know that they are vulnerable to techies. We want to compensate for this vulnerability. We can partially override the will of the biased, left-wing liberal side, which gives a one-sided advantage to the left-wing liberal side, with the side.

THEhttps://maiposzt.hucompletely independent of Facebook and other social platforms, the content on the website is safe, no one can delete it and no one can hide it from us, there are no algorithms, no tricks. We have linked the most watched and interesting right-wing actors, national and county politicians, opinion leaders from the civil sphere, the media and bloggers to the site. The site cannot be commented on, shared or liked sincehttps://maiposzt.hunot a social network. However, with a single click under the original post, all of this is possible, so you can and should comment, share and like under the original post.
THEhttps://maiposzt.huit guarantees to the civilian side community that there will no longer be content that can’t reach large crowds because it’s hidden or blocked by tech companies. In the shadow, that is, the era of shadow prohibition is over.

Suppose Facebook chooses to disable a popular page for a reason. For example, Numbers. From now on, Numbers will continue to provide content not on Facebook, but on the Telegram page or on its own website. THEhttps://maiposzt.huits readers hardly notice that Facebook, in its fear of the national site and real values, has eliminated a page on its own social platform.
THEhttps://maiposzt.hua place in the world of censored social platforms that gives us free access to information whether someone likes it or not in the censorship centers of tech companies.

On the site, everyone can set for themselves which of the actors they find to follow and who they don’t. We recommend that you select as many sources as possible, including the Capital or your county of residence by default. But it is worth following not only the politicians of our own county, as it is often the case that content of national significance is shared by a politician from another county. Save the page as a favorite and run it at least once (or many times) a day. Its working principle is based on the already well-used scrolling, we tried to apply a method familiar to everyone. Below each post is a “I look at the source, I like it there” button, which makes it easy to navigate to the original location and react (like) and share there. It’s worth using this, as it will be complete if we share thousands of popular posts despite censorship. Clicking on the author's name will display the articles and posts of the given page, which are available on, and clicking on the Facebook (or other) icon after the author's name will bring up a new page, the original social media page of the given author. Videos start automatically, but in silent mode so as not to cause anyone any inconvenience due to unexpected music or other sounds. You can adjust the volume by clicking on the volume icon. Content posted to Facebook or any other platform will not appear immediately ahttps://maiposzt.hupage, but with a delay of about 15-20 minutes.

THEhttps://maiposzt.huShare the news of your departure with others! Let's be thehttps://maiposzt.huthe guarantee that neither Facebook, Youtube, nor other techies will be able to influence the outcome of the 2022 election with shadow banning and muting! THEhttps://maiposzt.huthe guarantee that we will no longer have to fear the dictatorship of monopoly community companies. We have made the site as simple as possible, no need to register, no personal information stored, access is free and unlimited for everyone.

And for public actors in the right-wing community, we recommend that everyone create their own static website! In recent years, many people on social media providers have believed that this is the future, only through them can reach the masses. The existence and operation of static websites will be extremely important in the future! As long as the given community platform allows national, right-wing actors to emerge and at most only lists their shared content backwards, we can’t believe we can act the way the incumbent U.S. president has been, a few months ago! If he had had a system where he could reach his followers without platforms called social media, he might have had less uncertainty because the internet was free, that was his principle. Only your own website can guarantee the security of the published content, from there no one can delete posts, articles, videos, only the owner of the website. We can help make the content you create on these websites reach millions! From that, they could even, and as long as possible, be on social media interfaces. On the other hand, we don’t have to fight life-and-death with techies to reach out to our friends, supporters, and other members of our community in the future.

We are waiting for ideas and suggestions to the address [email protected]! Information about the site is now available at be published on (you should follow this)
The content will of course be displayed onhttps://maiposzt.huwebsite as well.

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