The left-liberal fake news propaganda lies as if it were not tomorrow, with a fake news factory called Telex at the forefront

The left-liberal fake news propaganda lies as if it were not tomorrow, with a fake news factory called Telex at the forefront

Telex, created by perhaps the biggest lie in Hungarian media history ("Orbán grinded the index"), wrote that the government spends more on sports than on health care. This, of course, has also been taken over by power-obsessed left-liberal parties, e.g. the anti-sport Momentum.

The reality, on the other hand, is that there is a top-down framework for epidemiological control and thus for health. We bought only masks, ventilators, vaccines and other supplies for hundreds of billions of forints. Since health care has not lost revenue, nothing needs to be compensated there. We spend hundreds of billions of forints a year on raising the salaries of doctors, nurses and general practitioners alone!

Key figures for the 2021 budget:
Education: 2229 billion
Health: 2245 billion
Retirement benefits: 3090 billion
Family support: 2,295 billion

The fake news factory called Telex silences or distorts many other things. In this article, we’ve gathered the things that would be worth talking about, and they don’t.
In this article, we present the development of health care. During the propaganda, the left-liberal pseudo-news producer depicts Hungarian hospitals with pictures of Romanian barracks. The article includes videos, additional articles, this is also a collection.

As we can see, we spend a tenth as much on sports as we do on retirement and an eighth as much on education, health, or family support. Thinking with Libsi's head, this can be a lot, but normal people understand that supporting new school gyms, sports fields, or facilities that have lost revenue due to the epidemic, for example, is not a waste of money. The former helps children develop and the latter protects WORKPLACES.

Based on this, the 289 billion spent on sports could be a lie, we don’t even know where these numbers came from, because unlike us, Telex, which employs more than 100 people on Soros ’money, produces such poor quality that their claims are never backed up by official documents. For example, where is the reference to the relevant parts of the Hungarian Gazette? Where are the other documents supporting their claims? There is no such thing, since they are MARY.

Nor do left-liberals understand that the money spent on sport is not an expense but an investment. They like to cure diseases, and Fidesz prefers to prevent them by educating them about healthy living, promoting sports and expanding sports opportunities.

It’s as if we’re now describing that Telex has spent $ 10 billion on Vaseline in 1 year, and in the meantime, we wouldn’t support that claim with anything.

The poor quality of Telex can also be seen in its readings, even though they have taken nearly 400,000 Facebook followers who look at the number of interactions (sharing, emoticon, comment) at their last 10 posts, it becomes clear that the shooting range dog does not read Telex either.

Anyway, this propaganda paper has sunk to the point where fake news is already being spread about us. On Sunday, it was written that we put up a deceptive graphic “during the week” which is a lie as we put it on by mistake 1 year ago and deleted it almost immediately. That was our only mistake, and from Telex, through Immediate, to left-liberal politicians (like Bernadett Wind), they’ve been riding on this ever since, and they’re always lying that we put it up recently. This is quite a compliment to us, as it turns out that neither before nor after, we wrote or published data that would be objectionable, but with those of them WHO LIE every day, They do this "morning, night and evening", as their boss said.

Source: Article by the falsifier Telex
The lie taken over by Momentum:
The call of János Stummer, Bolshevik of Jobbikos, to let their faithful report our site:
Wind is Bernadett's stolen graphics from us, which he cut in a childish, pathetic way.
The reality:
Budget numbers:

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