Don't be your own enemy!

If you visit Gyurcsánys, you are not pushing out with Orbán, but with yourself!

Don't be your own enemy!

We are now refuting several false news and mantras circulating for a decade now with a single article. Left-liberal false news propaganda will not like this very much, but the point for us is that with concrete examples, numbers, data, pictures and authentic citations we refute what no one has ever refuted before, the lies have been allowed to spread. Let's cut into it!

Fake news:
"Orban does not help the childless"
"Orbán does not help employers"
"Orbán extends half of our salary"
"Everything is expensive"
"Orban only helps his oligarchs"
"Orbán only spends on stadiums, not on wages, hospitals"
The reality:
Let’s line up these statements, we’ll link additional full articles to each statement, and we’ll even support with a video why we support the current direction and knowing their plans, why we don’t support the left. No one should doubt that if they come to power, EVERYONE will pay again:

1. "Orban does not help the childless" - LIE!
As you can see in the statement below, the net pay of childless people has also increased, not by much! From the same wage (we calculated an average wage of HUF 400,000, but everyone can recalculate it with their own wage) In Orbán's tax system, the employee takes home HUF 52,500 more than in Gyurcsány's tax system, so the net wage increased by 24.6% even in the case of children. The numbers can be checked by anyone:
Payroll Calculator 2021:
Payroll Calculator 2008:
In addition, the cost of overheads has been reduced for the childless, they also use the results of the developments (details in point 6), they can also enjoy free education, developing health care, free public administration, and above all they can benefit from starting a family. from the elements of our family support system, accessing a 60 million house at half price, or a 30 million property almost completely free of charge. 850,000 new jobs have been created, so unemployment is no problem for the childless and they too can experience improved public safety.

2. "Orbán does not help employers" - LIE!
Orbán has been helping employers for 10 years, and now, due to the crisis, he is supporting them with additional benefits (eg halving the business tax, job-creating wage subsidies, job-protection wage subsidies, tax breaks, credit moratorium, etc.) But let's look at regular spending, wage payments! how much did it cost to pay the 400 thousand forint salary in Gyurcsány's tax system, and how much does it cost now? We know that the one who is looking for 400 thousand today earned half in Gyurcsány's time, but we used the same amount to sense the measure.
Well, the reality is that the salary of 400 thousand forints cost the employer 535,950 forints in Gyurcsány's time, and today they have to spend 468,000 forints for this purpose. This saves employers HUF 67,950 per month per employee. This represents a 14.5 percent reduction in wage expenditures. More articles:

3. "Orbán takes down half of our salary" - LIE!
In Gyurcsány's tax system, net wages were much lower, the childless took home 53.7 percent of their gross, and today 66.5 percent, it follows that Orbán deducts much less tax than Gyurcsány, more remains in the pockets of the childless. and the net salary of employees raising children increased significantly due to the previously non-existent tax tax (or only HUF 10,000 for large families)!
Anyone with any pay can see the extent of the "downgrade" now and in 2008. if you do not like the 400 thousand salary, you can count on anything.
Payroll Calculator 2021:
Payroll Calculator 2008:

4. "Everything is expensive" - ​​LIE!
Although we do not dispute that the price of some products has increased due to inflation, at the same time we note that the Gyurcsánys' inflation was 42.2 percent in 8 years, while Orbán's was 10 percent in 10 years. As the average wage has increased from HUF 202,525 to HUF 397,400 since 2010 and the minimum wage has increased from HUF 73,500 to HUF 161,000, it can be seen that real wages have also increased. In net terms, the childless minimum wage changed from HUF 56,190 to HUF 107,065 compared to 2008, and the net average wage increased from HUF 121,821 to HUF 264,271. Today, we can take a lot more from our wages, and we will show this with concrete examples
Prices: (the article below the link contains articles about more products!)
The textbook is free:
Reduced overhead price:
Free public administration:
Family support - full list:

5. "Orbán only helps his oligarchs" - LIE!
On the one hand, Mészáros has won only 6.8 per cent of public procurement, and on the other hand, this constant collusion is also about the left wanting to steer public discourse in the wrong direction when it comes to living better.
It is not true that Orbán does not help, because everyone's salary, pension, esteem has increased, everyone enjoys new doctor's offices, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, roads, parks, renewable public transport, improved public safety, all the benefits of a developing country!

6. "Orbán only spends on stadiums, not on wages, hospitals" - LIE!
The part of the thing about wages has been explained above, let the stadiums come. We refute this with noble simplicity with a video showing the development of hospitals, educational institutions, settlement development, public transport, the military, green spaces, the energy industry, flood protection, public buildings and monumental buildings!

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We have created the largest home-building and family support system of all time:
Unemployment: well below the EU average:
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Since 2010, the government has saved the homes of one million families:
Due to the left, the government is forced to introduce a tax increase stop:
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At the European level, housing costs in Hungary are low
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Electricity and gas prices
This is how the left ruined and indebted Hungary.
The left would distribute free money to those who avoid work:
Taxes are being raised locally by the left, so government intervention was needed.
The more people who work, the less crime there is and the more capacity they have to detect a particular crime, which has also improved the rate of detection.
The state does not tame family wealth
Credit moratorium and further crisis management facilitations now and austerity in the time of the left government:
Hungary is the second largest tax cutter:
Balance at the beginning of the school year:

The tax burden on Hungarian workers is the fourth lowest in all of Europe:
Tax cuts instead of restrictions:
PIT rate:
The price of gas is 28, the price of electricity is the cheapest in Hungary in the EU for 12 months.épelmebe_tenyek_kovetkeznek
Saving nearly 600,000 forints for an average family by reducing overheads. (And we don't even think about how much more we would have paid if libs had steered in the last 10 years ...)
The traitorous DK demands an increase in overhead prices in Brussels!
More children are born:
The number of marriages is increasing, the number of divorces and abortions is decreasing.
Economic bleaching:
Poverty has fallen by a third!

The number of passenger cars in circulation in Hungary has increased by 936,736 since 2010 and by 108,786 in the last year!
We are past a decade of demographic change!
Gyes, gyed, gyet - Expiring permissions are being extended!
The warmth of home: we were army drivers, we are performing much better than the EU average now! present
This is how the purchase value of wages has changed over the last 30 years!
The Hungarian population set aside billions in 2020!
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Facts: We are twice as rich as in Gyurcsány's time
Hungarian workers pay the fourth lowest tax in the European Union
Significantly more money is left in people's pockets due to overhead cuts, tax cuts and steadily rising wages since 2010 mind_maradt_a_rezsi_kifizetese_utan_most_es_2010
In the great dictatorship, the number of people living in overcrowded housing fell from 47 percent to 20 percent
Fees for public services and administration have decreased significantly
Wages, net, gross, labor costs.

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