Gyes, gyed, gyet - Expiring permissions are being extended!

"Does not help..."

Gyes, gyed, gyet - Expiring permissions are being extended!

So it is not erased, it is not taken away, it is not reduced, but it is also given to those who would not be entitled to it anyway.

👉Gyurcsánys stole 1 year of gyes, canceled the homemaking subsidy, the tax rebate, increased the meal fee, the tuition fee, the price of textbooks, the overhead, the taxes, pushed the Hungarian families into unemployment and foreign exchange traps! They did a lot more meanness, we put them together in a bunch:

Expiring gyes, gyed and gyp entitlements will be automatically renewed, the minister without portfolio for families announced on his community page on Saturday.

Katalin Novák explained in her video message: due to the third wave of the epidemic, schools have switched to digital operation again, and kindergartens are not open either, they only provide on-call services in case of urgent need. This can be a serious burden, a common problem for families. That is why they thought again this year of those who would have their expiration of their entitlement to gyes, gyed or gyet in this period.

“These benefits will be automatically extended until the operation of schools and kindergartens is similar to the current one, so until the end of the spring break,” the minister said. Katalin Novák emphasized that they trust that they will be able to help the affected families.


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