The Western press already admits that Hungary is doing well in terms of vaccinations!

The Gyurcsány Coalition's lie campaign collapsed like a castle of cards

The Western press already admits that Hungary is doing well in terms of vaccinations!

Die Welt: Hungary became European champion in vaccination.

In the Thursday issue of the German newspaper Die Welt, he wrote: Hungary has accelerated vaccinations in recent days - making it faster than any other EU country.
Gregor Schwung's commentary in Thursday's issue of Die Welt explains how Hungary became the first in Europe in terms of injections.

Chinese and Russian
According to the author, Hungary already withdrew from the European ordering procedure at the end of the year, after ordering 7 million doses of vaccines from Moscow and Beijing - 19 million from the EU. And Chinese and Russian vaccines are currently being shipped faster. The EMA is now investigating the Sputnik V vaccine, but Hungary has acted ahead of everyone. Viktor Orbán also wanted to put political pressure on the EU, but what many said was just a publicity stunt has now become a successful vaccination strategy.

A couple of weeks ago, many Hungarians still doubted the Chinese vaccine because they were skeptical about quick approval. Experts were also skeptical and some doctors were reluctant to administer the Sinopharm vaccine. Orbán has personally promoted the vaccine since the beginning of the year, saying the Chinese have known the virus for the longest time, so I think they know the most about it. "
The prime minister has also used the issue to criticize the EU, saying if a vaccine doesn’t come from Europe, it has to be sourced from elsewhere.

Accelerating pace
When the country started using Sinopharm two weeks ago, the rate of vaccination was very fast and all major EU member states were left behind in a few days. The NNK said:
We would be in a much harder position without the Chinese vaccine. "
Skepticism quickly ceased in the country. Immunologist András Falus told the newspaper that "we are in the third wave, hospitals are full and mortality rates are high ... this ensures that people accept all vaccines - no matter where they come from".

Opposition criticisms
Ádám Bihari (HVG) sees things similarly. He spoke of the fact that many, especially the opposition, have always said they do not accept the Chinese vaccine, just what the EMA has allowed:
However, if they are called and offered the choice of receiving the Sinopharm vaccine or waiting a few more weeks, the situation will change ”.
There is another factor behind the country's success: Hungary has now overturned the vaccination plan: only the first group received the vaccination as planned, the other groups are now coming in parallel. According to the village, “there was a great deal of chaos, but that could be the reason why he was simply going faster”.

Rapid immunization is also due to the simple infrastructure: if someone wants a vaccination, they register with their data on the government’s website, which is passed on to hospitals and doctors, and then patients receive an SMS or phone call. According to Bihari, this works quite well and people get appointments quickly that way.
So far, there has been only one mistake: last week, 75,000 people accidentally received an SMS, which then had to be called back. Hungary can even accelerate, because so far only 59 percent of the delivered doses have been delivered. The health authority is optimistic: an additional 1.3 million first doses are expected by early April - and by July, the entire population will be vaccinated.

Original German writing on Die Welt:

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