Message of a taxpayer, if you like, a patient to hysterical doctors and nurses

Message of a taxpayer, if you like, a patient to hysterical doctors and nurses

👉Nail it at the beginning: the vast majority of doctors and nurses are fair, this message is not for them either. The vast majority of doctors and nurses are much better off with increased salaries and new contracts, as they have not been hesitant so far. However, there are some health workers who live in luxury homes, drive luxury cars, and have the profession, in addition to (or instead of) curing, collecting untaxed money from patients who earn a fraction of their income, tax it, maintain the health care system, and who they don’t go to the hospital by BMW, but by bus. Doctors and nurses also pay for the taxes they pay on these patients!

👉Let's start with the facts:
- The salaries of doctors have doubled and compared to 2010!
- Nurses received a 34 percent wage increase in 2020, followed by the next 30 percent increase in January 2022, and nurses ’wages will triple compared to 2010!
- All healthcare workers received an additional benefit of HUF 500,000.
- For 10 years, politics has been about nothing more than health care, and within that, everyone is lobbying for wage increases for health workers.
- The training of doctors and nurses was provided by the Hungarian society, the Hungarian taxpayers.
- Hungarian taxpayers will spend HUF 2,245 billion on the health care system in 2021, which is HUF 1,047 billion more than in 2010.
- Gratitude money has been banned in addition to the wage increases mentioned above: there is no more harassment, untaxed, black income, it is not possible to scratch the patient and differentiate between patients based on the thickness of their wallet.
- Contrary to false news, the funding of general practitioners also increased, the remuneration of dentists increased, the number of working doctors increased by 7,300, and the number of people working in Human Health and Social Welfare increased to 260,000 instead of 196,000 in 2010, thus significantly decreasing. the load as well.

Hysterical doctors and other health care workers should be ashamed of themselves! The above data is known to everyone, the wage of an average worker did not increase or only very slightly in 2020, employers have frozen wages in many places citing the epidemic, even in areas that are the winners of the situation (e.g. food chains, telecommunications companies, online commerce, shipping, etc.)

These people are not crying, not complaining, they don’t want to overthrow anything, but they are doing their thing to get together, together, as soon as possible, to get through this whole pandemic as soon as possible. On the other hand, in the most critical week of the epidemic, are you trying to blackmail the government and Hungarian society with your increased wages, your private orders, your expensive cars, your elite homes, because it is still not enough for you? How many horses do you need? How much should a baker, bus driver, salesman, engineer, bricklayer or teacher pay to further increase your income? With so much power, any group in society can come together! If, say, electricians start blackmailing, there will be no electricity in hospitals, if car mechanics, BMW will stop under you, and so on.
You are not privileged either! Diploma here, knowledge there, it is also a profession, a job, and there is no such thing as one more important than the other!

Does it hurt so much that the envelope disappears? Isn’t it just that you’ve been pocketing a lot more money in your pocket, “smart,” than you would with current, clean regulation?

As a simple, field taxpayer, I message you: if that’s not enough, pull it out of public health! You will be replaced by enthusiastic young doctors who will work Indian dance for these salaries, you can go where you want, but you will no longer take private patients out of turn to a state-run hospital to perform costly examinations with public money, and so you will not even submit the bill to the patients in the private practice! I don’t need such money-hungry doctors and nurses like that!
Everyone can be replaced!

In the most difficult week of the epidemic so far, I do not expect this from doctors and nurses, but that if the taxpayers stood by you when they raised your wages, you will be there when we become sick!

And I would like to thank the doctors and nurses who are still working and healing for their sacrificial work! Improving health is in our common interest and I, as a field worker, will continue to be a partner in this.

👉Note at the end: the vast majority of doctors and nurses are fair, this message is not for them either, but for those who see the epidemic not as a task but as an opportunity and blackmail the government and Hungarian taxpayers, their patients.

️ Pass on if you are outraged by the actions of individual health workers who want to overthrow health care!

Recent News: More than 95 percent of healthcare workers have signed a new contract. (This writing was about the remaining 5 percent)
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