This is how Érd was “bled”

The local politician of Fidesz, Károly Simó, exposes the lies of Csőzik

This is how Érd was “bled”

Károly Simówritten by:
- or so the government "bleeds" the municipality of Érd: it provides 10% MORE support than before.

My conjecture regarding the financial situation of the municipality was confirmed. Multiple times. It turned out that it was what we said all along. That is why the mayor tried to hide the real situation, even from the municipal representatives.

Last night, we received the mayor’s proposal for the 2021 draft budget. Of this, I will only highlight a portion of the revenue side now (but there are some awesome things in it!)
From what turns out to be practically what the town hall propaganda and the national left media shouted about, NOTHING is TRUE! The exact opposite is true!

The government will provide HUF 416 million more support than in the original budget last year! So not only would the government “bleed” the local government, but it would give more money, you just should be able to manage from it.
I said earlier that according to the adopted budget law, in 2020 as well as in 2021, the municipality of Érd will receive MORE operating support from the government than in previous years. So that is essentially the same task.

Here are the numbers and quotes from the mayor's proposal, which can also be considered a confession:
“There have been several changes to the task funding system compared to the previous year. It is a favorable circumstance that the so-called The system of “offsetting”, which previously appeared as a reducing factor for the subsidies calculated on individual items, resulted in a significant increase in the amounts provided under the general support for the operation of local governments on the lines of support for green space management and public lighting.

- However, the method of calculating the solidarity contribution has been changed in a way that is unfavorable for our municipality. From this year, the local government is obliged to pay a solidarity contribution if the capacity of the business tax force per capita exceeds HUF 22,000. In our settlement, the business tax strength per capita is HUF 27,246 / person, based on which our local government is obliged to pay an annual solidarity contribution of HUF 213,007,110. The amount of the solidarity contribution will be paid in net funding, with a monthly deduction.
Examining the items item by item, it can be stated that the change compared to last year can be traced back to the following:

- Regarding the support for the operation of the Local Government Office, the specific amount increased from HUF 5,450,000 / person in the previous year to HUF 5,475,000, which results in a total increase of HUF 10,689,750 in revenue as the number of employees increased from 151.7 to 152.91.
- With regard to settlement management tasks, the local government receives a significantly higher amount of HUF 360 million more funds for green area management, public lighting and general settlement management tasks than in the previous year.
- The increase in the support for public education tasks for the purpose of operating kindergartens took the form of an increase in the salary support for teachers.
- Support for cultural tasks also shows a significant increase in the proportions of the title. Act XXXII of 2020 on the Transformation of the Legal Relationship of Employees of Cultural Institutions and on the Amendment of Certain Acts Relating to Culture. In view of the provisions of the law, the government provided the additional resources needed for 6% wage development, which was included in the amount of normative support related to cultural tasks. The cover required for the 6% salary increase was provided in the budget of the relevant institutions (library, house of culture, museum) in the line of personnel allowance appropriations. ”


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