Total fire on James' lies!

They've been pushing the "Butcher" and "theft" duma for 10 years, they have no new ideas, they have no evidence, they don't have a single report, but they're just trying!
Thanks to the country developing, wages have doubled, we live much better even in times of crisis than during their reign in "peacetime" ... (although the entire duration of their reign was a crisis they caused themselves)

Thank You,Bence Rétvári, Csaba Dömötör,Máté Kocsis,Tamás Menczer
Now honestly: Would you watch this video entrust the future of your family to a coalition of Péter Jakab, Gyurcsány, Fekete-Győr, Dobrev and other power-hungry, traitorous politicians? Are they also fighting for power in "reclaimed" cities, and cities are stagnating at best, but in many cases are regressing, and do they want to control the country? When there were only MSZP and SzDSz, they were still fighting, now there are six!
We certainly do not want Hungary and all Hungarian families to fall victim to the "cat fight"!
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