The property of the people of Budapest under the hammer!

Gyurcsánys sell everything, just like before 2010!

The property of the people of Budapest under the hammer!

They get rich (even better) - the people of Budapest are robbed!

👉Parks, schools, castles, valuable plots! Everything for sale!
74 properties are currently for sale!
The list is on the website of the Budapest Capital Property Management Center, it is a ready paradise for friends, it can be looted!

Gergely Karácsony is accelerating the sale of real estate in the capital: by March, a total of two billion forints is expected, and by the end of the year, more than eight billion forints are expected from the sale of plots and buildings.

The real estate complex announced by the capital's local government, led by Gergely Karácsony, has already found a buyer. A XXIII. The winning bidder was found at a net purchase price of six hundred million forints for nine plots on Szentlőrinci út, district II. and XVIII. districts have also been successfully advertised properties. For these, the local government of the capital receives a total net revenue of HUF 1.1 billion.

Another seven properties are expected to be owned by a market tender, and the City Hall expects an additional minimum of half a billion forints from the sale of them, but in the case of several tenderers the prices may creep higher than in the case of the already winning tenders. From this group an XIV. district, Öv street property has the highest price range, which is offered for a minimum of HUF 218 million Karácsony.

The City Hall plans to sell a total of thirteen properties in the first quarter, ie by March, and expects almost two billion forints in revenue, the local government informed our newspaper. This year, a total of 72 properties will be put up for sale, and approximately 8.2 billion forints of revenue is expected from them.

The capital seems to be selling out the family silver, as there was no example in the previous cycle of selling so many properties at once. Last year, the Town Hall also tried to sell a castle in Pilisszántó, once operating as a school and currently operating as a pilgrimage hotel, for 341 million forints. Our paper knows that the buyer applied for the tender, however, the capital suspended the procedure after consulting with the local government.

An interesting question is why it became so urgent for the mayor to sell off the capital’s property. As for the finances of the capital, Balázs Fürjes Budapest and the Secretary of State responsible for the development of the capital agglomeration have previously stated that

In 2021, Budapest will receive HUF 116 billion from the government for operation, which is one third more than last year.

In addition, two hundred billion forints will be provided for the renovation of metro line 3 and sixty billion forints will be spent on urban development, such as the renovation of the lower quay of Pest or the extension of the intertwined tram network in Buda. In his first speech at the spring parliamentary session, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced that Budapest would receive forty-four percent of EU funds.

List: this is only the real estate for sale of the Metropolitan Municipality, but in the districts there is also a waste of public property, a waste of money.

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