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If there is work, there is everything!
Hungary will emerge stronger from the crisis than it did.
The system of creating a home has been expanded
Wage subsidies for businesses
Historic salary increase for doctors and nurses
13th month pension retirement
Income tax exemption for those under 25 years of age
Credit moratorium
10 million interest-free loan for small businesses
6,000 billion is available
By 2030, we will be among the 5 most livable and competitive countries in Europe
The number of crèche places continues to grow, the existing ones are being modernized
There will be a school bus
Higher education is being developed out of 1,500 billion
They are catching up with the 300 most disadvantaged settlements
Strengthening water management and agriculture
Green transport
Environmentally friendly railway
Green bus program
The share of renewable energy sources is increasing
Energy upgrades
Solar systems
Circular economy, waste raw material!
Enhancing digital capabilities
Health care spending continues to rise
We will gain a competitive advantage
The left squeezed and raised taxes alongside the crisis
Support and opportunity for everyone instead of restrictions
We can only get out together!


The government is spending six thousand billion forints to increase competitiveness

The government has 6,000 billion forints available to make Hungary even stronger and Hungary to become one of the five most viable and competitive countries in Europe by 2030, said the parliamentary and strategic state secretary of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) in a video posted on his community page.

Tamás Schanda stated that in order for Hungarian young people to be the winners of the future, an unprecedented amount of HUF 1,500 billion will be allocated to the field of higher education. This will ensure Hungary's success in the long run, he added.

Among the plans, the Secretary of State highlighted the further increase in the number of crèche places, the facilitation of children's transport with the school bus system, the catching up of the three hundred most disadvantaged settlements, the modernization of water management, the modernization and greening of transport,

The epidemic affected the Hungarian economy less than that of many other richer countries, Tamás Schanda pointed out, referring to the fact that the action plan for the protection of the economy proved to be effective.

The government is continuing to work on an action plan to relaunch the economy, such as expanding home subsidies, providing wage subsidies to businesses, making historic wage increases for doctors, reclaiming the 13-month pension, providing income tax exemptions for those under 25 from next year, credit moratorium and an interest-free loan of HUF 10 million for the smallest companies, he listed.

Tamás Schanda put it this way, the left was racking up people with tax increases during the economic crisis, but was unable to solve the problems. The current government has said no to the road to austerity and aid, providing opportunities and subsidies for everyone instead, he noted.


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