Pictured is Ferenc Gyurcsány, one of the worst leaders in the world, and his new friends

According to American researchers, Gyurcsány's economic policy is one of the most damaging in the world!

Pictured is Ferenc Gyurcsány, one of the worst leaders in the world, and his new friends

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If you support them, you are not pushing out with Orban, but with yourself!
Orbán will be able to pay for the gas, the installment, but you're not sure!

Leaked plans:
They lay the groundwork for tax increases, coming the "empty coffers" duma
Communism is back: everyone will earn equally little.
They are made with a bush package for 2022: they immediately increase the overhead, they cancel the overhead reduction!
We have previously reported that a brutal tax increase is being prepared, in parallel with which the tax benefits will be reset to zero (since there is no point in raising taxes for those who receive a tax credit, so the tax credit will also be lost).
Let the "wealthier" pay more .... (they still pay more because we don't pay a fixed amount, we pay a percentage)
They are resetting family subsidies, there are already local examples of this, where they can do it, where they can destroy families and young people.
They make everyone a runner who does not surrender to them. They want to come to power by intimidation. Don't leave it! We are not afraid!
But there will be a property tax here, the legacy of inheritance is back, the results so far will be reset, and unemployment will rise above 10 percent again, putting workers in a vulnerable position because the employer will argue that "if you don't like something, you can go 100 others in your place "
Anyone who may have forgotten or didn’t even know what the Gyurcsánys did during their regnance should read this list and think about which point would hurt him personally.
This is Dobrev’s opinion of the manual workers: he thinks we are sick! (video)
These are the government results of the Gyurcsány-Dobrev clan (video)
This is the democracy of the Gyurcsány-Dobrev clan, just like Biden's.

So support the opposition if you hate yourself, want to tax more, and want you and your family to get poorer!

Come on!

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