In the wake of “stolen money”

In the wake of “stolen money”

These will definitely not be reported by the index! Why would he do it, they don’t pay to inform their readers about the real performance, but to brainwash them.

AzonbanHowever, reality cannot be denied! We are constantly following the pages of politicians, the news of local organizations and local governments and sharing the reality with everyone! Spectacular video based on our previous articles!

Now come today's "batch" development! For you, for me, for us, Hungary is being built and beautified!
1. Nyíregyháza is developing!

Ferenc KovácsThe mayor wrote: The new attraction of the Cultural Quarter, Sindbád - between the Kállay House and the theater, which may open in the spring depending on the pandemic situation, is being prepared in Java. I am glad that the recreation area formed by the Bessenyei and Benczúr squares is enriched with another attraction, a special community space, including a theater history museum, interactive experience elements, a restaurant and a café. And also the fact that the Cultural Quarter is slowly entering the public consciousness, with its many values. As I said earlier, it was my old dream to have a Cultural Quarter in Nyíregyháza. They smiled a little bit about it even two or three years ago, but today it’s nicely outlined and I’m glad to hear back that many see it the same way.
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2. Hungarian Village Program - the results speak for themselves!

Gábor Vargawrote: "Nagykarácsony NaTe successfully applied in the tender of the Hungarian Village Program for non - governmental organizations for the purchase of the bus handed over today.
I was very pleased to comply with the honorable invitation of President Béla Szekeres to the handover ceremony. Congratulations on a successful tender, I wish the Christmas people a lot of memorable trips with the excellent vehicle in all respects!
Merry Christmas! "
In this article, MFP in Figures: Gyopáros Alpár

3. The musical theater of the University of Debrecen is enriched with an inspiring exterior

Debrecen - A workshop has been set up in the Böszörményi út building, which can become an important part of community life. In the new art center, you can learn, create the next generation of actors. As a result of the cooperation between the University of Debrecen and ZeneTheatrum, the musical theater of DE opened its doors in the autumn of 2019 under the name Odeon-ZeneTheatrum. Due to the epidemic situation, the company went on forced rest in the autumn, but life did not stop with them. ODEon is already preparing for a return to the post-pandemic, while there have been infrastructural changes that could give a significant plus to both actors and audiences.
The most spectacular element is the transformation of the space in front of the theater building on the Böszörményi út campus. During the university development, the cover was replaced, benches and modern lighting were installed. An internal workshop has also been set up in the building, where Hungarian and foreign students interested in theater can later study, plan, debate and prepare, while thinking together to create something unique.
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4. The last bridge over the Danube will be replaced by spectacular works. Danube Asphalt, László Szjj! You know who donated 120 million to a sick little boy!

Another important chapter was the modernization of the Southern Connecting Railway Bridge.
The last bridge element of the third track of the Déli Aszfalt Zrt., Which is being renewed by the Déli Aszfalt Zrt.
The bridge is already in the air and will be in place within a few days. After that, the existing two-track bridge structures will be replaced, one after the other, as rail traffic will have to be maintained on two tracks throughout.
Extreme accuracy is required
Fitting the bridge in place is an extremely complex operation, as the pillars are located between the existing railway bridge and the Rákóczi bridge, so they cannot be accessed by the boom of the floating cranes, but can only be fitted in place by lifting them from below.
The spectacular and heavy work will be carried out by a specially designed hydraulic hoist. During the operation, which requires extreme precision, the necessary maneuvers will also be assisted by pushers, small aircraft and anchored ladders.
The development of the roundabout is also making great strides
As indicated earlier, the investment is the first phase of development of the Southern Circuit, which is being built in collaboration with the BFK and the National Infrastructure Developer (NIF). The permitting plans and the construction plans of the bridge were prepared by Főmterv Zrt., MSC Kft. And Speciálterv Kft. As co-designers.
The extension and modernization of the Southern Connecting Railway Bridge is one of the key elements in the development of the Southern Railway: the works will not only replace the old, poor-condition railway bridges, but also expand the railway from two to three tracks.

5. Fitness parks - A total of 27 outdoor sports parks will be available throughout the city in Nyíregyháza!

Dr. Tünde Szabó wrote:
It has been completed in Rozsrétszőlő, and the gyms are being developed in Kertváros and Stadion utca. The Municipality of Nyíregyháza MJV has won nearly 210 million forints, 100 percent support, in the National Leisure - Health and Sports Park Program, of which a total of nine new sports parks are being built in the city. We will have a total of 27 gyms
For the existing 18 gyms, 4 were completed last year, plus another 5 will be built this year, so a total of 27 such outdoor sports parks will be available across the city. Some of these are close to schools, but they are also popular with the elderly. Each of the nine new “D” sports parks will be a 150-square-foot, 150-square-foot outdoor gym.

6. Ózd - the Vincze István Sports Complex has developed!

The dressing room has been completely renovated! The building next to the football field was beautified in Hódoscsépány thanks to the tao competition announced by the Hungarian Football Association.
During the works, the property became more comfortable inside and out for about thirty million forints. As part of this, the home and guest locker rooms, water closets and the referee room also got a new look. It is planned to submit additional applications so that the local infrastructure will serve the needs even more, as the team wants to get up to the county second division. "Inside, the property has been renovated, we have introduced heating and built showers in the changing rooms, and we have installed a condensing gas boiler that also provides hot water," said Róbert Csépányi, president of the Hódoscsépányi Sports Association. "I think that our players and the visiting players who visit here can dress and bathe in dignified conditions, and we have even set up a separate referee room."


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