We stand by Judit Varga!

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We stand by Judit Varga!

HVG and his vile publicist have crossed all borders! So no one can talk about a woman, a minister! He wrote such a distasteful article
Tóta W. Árpád, a publicist of HVG, that we will not quote it. Those who are interested can see it here:https://www.facebook.com/alapjogokert/posts/4056022251096483
He combined false statements with distasteful and humiliating terms, all because Judit Varga had picked up a chocolate in addition to her 3 children long before she was appointed Minister, while it didn't bother anyone that Bertalan Tóth, as a party representative, did not vote for the chocolate. he called it opaque, then picked it up in sunny and bought a luxury house out of it.

For our part, we do the following: Boycott the HVG! We will no longer mention this spam, we have removed it from our bookmarks and disabled the page address on the router! Now we won’t accidentally click on the HVG page, we’re done.
Where are the infamous women defenders? Somehow we don't see any protests from Kunhalm, Gurmai, Bangón, Vada, Széli, Szabó Tímea ... Where are the petitions, the joint press conferences, the political actions, the molinos? Somehow the silence is great!

Anna Magyar, Vice-President of the Committee of the Regions, wrote:
"Slander!Slander!Slander!(Share everywhere!)
It is an amazingly vile manifestation, which I most strongly protest as a woman. Trying to humiliate a minister, every word is meant to be a stumbling block by this anarchist disruptive "formation" that cannot be called a journalist.
I call on feminist organizations to stand up for the dignity of Minister Judit Varga, now to show that liberal sensitivity is not one-sided!
I also call on my fellow women, civilians and politicians, right-wingers, left-wingers, liberals and non-partisans, to join forces to reject such outrageous insinuation and to publish this personal stand in every possible way!
And we will boycott the anarchist who calls himself a journalist with a united force!
And I, too, thank you again for your tireless efforts. "

We ask all well-to-do people to stand up for the Minister in one division, to support in one division that this message reach as many people as possible! There are many of us, but we are not loud enough! It's time to change that.

And Fidesz can:
- Banning HVG from press conferences,
- Fidesz women's representatives may issue a joint statement rejecting slander and shameful words,
- they could make a domestic and foreign scandal out of this article, just as the left does,
- A demonstration may be organized in front of the HVG headquarters,
- The boycott can be maintained as long as HVG, as a publisher and its publicist, personally apologizes to Judit Varga and all the Hungarian women who picked up the chocolate.
They need to be treated more harshly, in an organized way, demonstrating strength, because many object to the permissive, overly diplomatic language, the lack of immediate reactions! Remember President Trump's words, "We are too respectful of our enemies, though we shouldn't! If we can't fight in a hellish way, we won't end up with a country to fight for ..."https://bit.ly/3jGvjhR


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