Now it is because of the offending Club Radio that lies and anti-government propaganda are going on

The Center for Fundamental Rights has gathered the facts on this case

Now it is because of the offending Club Radio that lies and anti-government propaganda are going on

Facts about Club Radio's frequency case: Club Radio actually has a dispute with a court applying EU and Hungarian law and two other market players, not "politics".
For those who have been constantly worried about Hungarian press freedom since 2010, of course, the "affair" of Klubr谩di贸 provides another opportunity to shout a dictatorship, but as it used to be, the facts do not justify them now. The situation is that since 2011 the radio, which is struggling with "continuous repression", has used its frequency for free (and without a tender) in a completely unique way on the Hungarian market. The essence of the current "scandal" is that Club Radio cannot continue to broadcast automatically on the frequency due to a series of violations that it does not dispute, but decides on its fate in an open, multi-player competition. Moreover, this was not stated by the "repressive Orban regime" but by an independent Hungarian court, in accordance with Hungarian and EU law. The problem with Club Radio, then, is that it is not above the law.
馃憠The relevant rules of the Media Act are based on EU law. Based on the latter, Hungarian law could also provide that it does not provide an automatic extension of the use of frequencies to an already operating radio station at all, but obliges to issue a new tender upon the expiry of the license. However, the Hungarian rules provide for the possibility of extension upon request, which has two conditions: the given media service provider must not have a fee debt or refrain from violations.
馃憠Club Radio did not receive an automatic frequency extension license because it violated the provisions of the Media Act twice within 1 year - six times in the last 7 years. The law gives an objective ground for refusal in this respect: "Eligibility may not be renewed if (...) the provisions of this law have been repeatedly or seriously infringed". The violations at the time of their occurrence were not disputed by the radio itself, nor did it go to court at the time, although it was clear to everyone that these violations were a legal obstacle to extension.
馃憠The violation was related to the failure to provide information, but due to its 'repeated' nature, the Media Council could not decide other than not to automatically renew the Club Radio's license - the body would have acted unlawfully if it had disregarded and renewed the law. . The authority's decision was upheld by the court, which also rejected Club Radio's motion for temporary broadcasting, as they should not have asked for it from the court, but from the Media Council, which, according to the information available, did not do so.
馃憠In addition to the extension request, Klubr谩di贸 also submitted its application for the frequency, together with two other applicants (Association for Community Radio; LBK M茅diaszolg谩ltat贸 2020 Kft.). The Media Council accepted the application of Klubr谩di贸 and rejected the other two applicants. The latter, on the other hand, challenged the decision of the authority in court, so - also due to the mandatory provisions of the law - the new frequency tender had to be suspended until the court decides on the matter. The lawsuit is still pending, the decision is up to the court.
Overall, therefore, the legal situation is that Klubr谩di贸 - which has uniquely used its frequencies in Hungary in a unique way since 2011, "on a community basis" - was not entitled to an extension of their new application for the frequency due to violations caused by itself and not disputed by it. and it is 鈥渟tanding鈥 because of two other market competitors.Nevertheless, the radio will not 鈥渟hut up,鈥 it will broadcast its programs on the Internet in the same way.
These are the facts. Of course, the opinion is free, of course, we also listened to the Club Radio regularly - we usually laughed good ones - the Let's Talk! c. we have been guests of the show several times and we hope to be more.

To sum up: The Momentum and everyone who thinks anyone here has acted illegally are lying. It is precisely that we follow the laws that are binding on everyone.


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