HVG will run Hungary and Judit Varga out of Dutch money

HVG sank to the level of OLKT, Nyugati Fény and ezalényeg.hu, which are the lowest of left-liberal propaganda

HVG will run Hungary and Judit Varga out of Dutch money

The fact that Judit Varga picked up a chocolate before she was a minister is a problem for the dirty paper, but it does not bother them that Bertalan Tóth, as a party chairman, representative, faction leader, picked up the chocolate without having voted for it!
The fact that there are already more than sixty properties in the name of Ádám Steinmetz, the right-winger, does not bother HVG either, nor does the fact that the Gyurcsánys are transferring EU money to the legally convicted Czeglédy.
The only problem is that the Minister with three children has a family house! They say a minister should live in a chicken coop.

The Dutch rule of law was praised by the HVG in an article published the other day in which it dealt with proceedings against Hungary under a seven-week article. The only problem is that the publication of the writing was funded by the embassy of the Benelux state. Secretary of State Tamás Menczer responded that he was deeply concerned about the rule of law in the Netherlands, and Minister of Justice Judit Varga requested a correction, the Magyar Nemzet reported.

This is at the bottom of the HVG's article: the publication of the article was supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Budapest.

Regarding the political attack on the pro-immigration forces, the HVG states: "The proceedings under Article 7 continue to take place in defense of the Hungarian rule of law." There is also a more hidden message in the article, which is presumably closely related to who was the funder of the writing. The author called the Netherlands a country committed to democratic values ​​in writing, they write.

Secretary of State Tamás Menczer said in this connection: “If I understand correctly, the Dutch government (is there any at all?) And its embassy are worried about Hungarian democracy. With due respect and very caution, I note
In the Netherlands, the government has just failed because of the family support scandal. This is because family support was not governed by the rule of law in the Netherlands. '

By the way, after the publication of the article, Judit Varga announced that she would ask for a correction from the paper.
Contrary to the suggestion made at the end of the mockingly simplistic reporting, Hungary has complied with it and will continue to comply with the rulings of the European Court of Justice.
The Minister of Justice wrote on his Facebook page.

Camouflage with camouflage fairy tale
After that, although not much can be expected from the HVG, the Minister of Justice was accused of lying on their latest front page.

“A Kamu card can only be sold with a Kamu fairy tale! If you don't believe, follow him. My public declaration of wealth helps me know the truth. It is true that it would be difficult to sell a newspaper. If HVG had written correctly, my post would have lasted longer, ”Judit Varga wrote in her post.


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