The government is on the corner: Gergely Gulyás sued the pseudo-news producers!

All government members and Fidesz politicians do this! We have been tolerating slander for 10 years! If the left claims something and it is not true, sue it! "Stealing Orban" - sue immediately! Verify the charges in court!

The government is on the corner: Gergely Gulyás sued the pseudo-news producers!

We quote: "I am filing a criminal complaint and instituting a civil lawsuit against two left-wing propaganda funds
The media on the left is crossing the boundaries of slander day by day. Previously, the flood of lies was limited to public issues, but today the left no longer distinguishes between public and private life. states in the title as a question, in the article as a statement that my fellow Member Zsófia Koncz becomes because she has an affair with me. The same “news” is communicated as a fact by another left-wing propaganda product, the Western Light. I have known and like Zsófia Koncz for about ten years, and I appreciate her extraordinary standing after her father's death, her victory in the autumn by-elections and her excellent work as a representative of her constituency. We never had a relationship, we last met in the Parliament during last year’s parliamentary session - more than a month and a half ago. I did not know about the deterioration of his marriage, I heard about his divorce from the press. The unfounded allegation in the article grossly violates the right to privacy of Zsófia Koncz and her husband, as well as my rights to privacy.
In the lying press of the left-wing press, we could even deal with the rarity of rampage, which is still rare today, but in fact it is the number one online campaign newspaper of the left, which includes the far right, with the left spending HUF 53 million in the municipal election campaign.

That is why I am filing a complaint against the authors of (anonymous) articles for a vile reason, and I am filing a civil lawsuit against the two left-wing propaganda bases for defamation in public and personal violation. I am offering the damages to be awarded by the court entirely to charity for the benefit of a non-governmental organization nominated by my fellow Member, Zsófia Koncz, operating in her constituency. "

📌We also need to look at where their money for propaganda comes from! The site called "ezalé" had 5,400 followers, 10x less than us now, and 55 million was spent on Facebook advertising. WHERE IS THE HORSE? Who pays for them?


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