The universities have decided!

Model change: Yes, clowning: No!

The universities have decided!

After the University of Debrecen, the model change was supported by the Senate of SZTE and PTE. A state-founded non-profit foundation will henceforth be the maintainer.
đź“ŚWe wrote earlier: There will be no clowning at the University of Debrecen about the change of model

In a statement, the University of Pécs (PTE) wrote: at the extraordinary public live meeting of the Senate, which was broadcast live online on Friday, 29 yes, 9 no and 1 abstention, “said yes under serious conditions” to the model change. It was reported that intensive discussions took place before the meeting, including in faculty forums where the rector’s leadership was also represented.

They pointed out that the board decided not by a simple majority, but by a two-thirds, on the “historic vote” on the initiative of György Heidl, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of the University of Pécs.

According to the PTE, the proposal for a resolution includes, among other things, ensuring the free cultivation of education, research, artistic activities, strengthening the powers of the senate, preserving the unity of the university - including all faculties, units, clinics, and delegating powers to board members. university’s complex training portfolio.

The University of Szeged also gave a green signal
The Senate of the University of Szeged (SZTE) also made its decision after several weeks of consultations, informing the university citizens. At its extraordinary meeting, the main body of the University of Szeged agreed that the University of Szeged should embark on a path that opens up new perspectives for the university, the city and the region.

The possibility of transforming SZTE from a budgetary institution into a higher education institution maintained by a state-owned public benefit foundation was offered at the beginning of January by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM), like many other Hungarian universities.

According to the announcement, SZTE's decision-making process was characterized by a rapid but extensive series of consultations and information. Considering the benefits and risks of the model change, the leaders of the university, the Dean's College and the members of the Senate of SZTE consulted. Conciliation with the maintaining ITM was also assisted by an ad hoc committee. The management of SZTE kept the university citizens informed and answered the questions on its internal online platform.

At the extraordinary meeting of the Senate, 29 people supported the model change, 16 voted no and seven abstained, the statement said.

Palkovics: Hungarian universities are clear winners of the recovery fund
Regarding the model change, László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology, said in Kaposvár that Hungarian universities will clearly be the winners of the union's recovery fund.

He indicated that HUF 1,509 billion will be spent on universities, building the innovation ecosystem around the university, and strengthening the transition between the university and the technical system.

"We want to spend 955 billion on the infrastructure and mainly equipment development of universities, 382 billion on innovation around the university, the science park concept, and 172 billion on university-related development of the vocational training system, including content and tool development," he said.


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