It is a fake news that the government does not give anything to singles!

Let’s look at how the unique, tax-free wage has been taxed over the last 10 years

It is a fake news that the government does not give anything to singles!

We calculated how much more money the single, average-earning employee took home in the last 10 years compared to how much he would have taken home if he had taxed under Gyurcsány's tax system throughout that time. (We used the average salary as a basis, but anyone can calculate their own salary based on the same method)

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Suppose wages have risen at a similar rate (this is, of course, inconceivable with a betrayal, anti-Hungarian government, but suppose we do not want to go into estimates).
Well, based on the data of the average wage from the table of the CSO, we took out the wage calculator and calculated the net wage for each year with the wage calculator of the given year (column C) and Gyurcsány's wage calculator of 2008 (column D).

The difference is clear, there is no year when we were taxed more than in Gyurcsány's time. We started the calculation from 2011, because the 2010 budget and tax rules were still written by the left, and from 2011 we can confidently say that it is already "the work" of Orbán.

The calculation (which we placed in a comment) shows that in 10 years nearly 4 million forints remained in the pocket of the unique employee earning an average salary. This means an average of HUF 400,000 per year. And here we mention again that the average wage has doubled in 10 years. We do not know how it would have changed if the left had led the country during this time, but knowing their numbers (12% unemployment, price increases, layoffs, robbery privatization, IMF, etc.) we are sure that if they had increased somewhat in nominal terms, but in real terms salaries would certainly have fallen.

In addition to rising net wages, of course, single people can also enjoy the benefits of overhead cuts, upgrades, sports facilities, improved road and public transportation, improved public safety, new parks, declining state fees, canceled inheritance, various training programs, and much more.

So it is a sham that the government does not support singles!
And young single people should not complain, as they are about to start a family, after which they can get a 60 million family house at half price or even a 30 million country home for free, and after the birth of the children, the family allowance, tax benefits, 3 years free kindergarten meals, free textbooks, but even a large family 7-seater car is available nearby.

We need to work harder, complain less, and dare to start a family! The Fidesz government is a partner in this, but it is up to us or our own success!

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Source: Wage Calculator 2008 (and the others in the menu on the right)
Average salary:

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