“Under the cover of the night” another 17 buses arrived in “bled” Budapest

These vehicles serve half a million Budapest a week

“Under the cover of the night” another 17 buses arrived in “bled” Budapest

A total of 64 brand new, environmentally friendly Mercedes Conecto buses have arrived in the capital, of course Gergely Karácsony will not report this (If he does, he will lie!)

This is not the first time that Gyurcsány's puppet puppet, Gergely Karácsony, does not report significant development in the capital. There have been examples of him writing on such a subject as well, but then he either lied or published the result of government development on his own. Let's see some examples of Gergely Karácsony's BKV performance:
📌Karácsony sets the project that has been running for 5 years
📌Used buses from a Cyprus offshore company Karácsony
📌Gergely Karácsony deprived BKV of HUF 1,700 million in annual revenue
📌It increased by HUF 15 billion due to the inactivity of two large investments Karácsony in the capital
📌The left would re-indebted BKV!

Balázs Fürjes wrote "Another 17 buses arrived in Budapest at night, which the government buys for BKV.64 We provided the purchase of a brand new, barrier-free, air-conditioned, environmentally friendly blue bus, which serves half a million Budapesters a week. Good luck to everyone!"

📌Transfer of the previous 17 buses:https://szamokadatok.hu/Post/2436/Ma_is_jol_kivereztenek_Budapestet_34_uj_busz
📌Delivery of the first 30 buses
📌This is how Budapest was bled in 2020
📌The HÉV will also be renewed!
📌51 new trolleys and 51 new trams are also arriving
📌The West is renewed

Source: These vehicles serve half a million Budapest a week.https://www.magyarhirlap.hu/gazdasag/20210113-ujabb-17-busz-erkezett-budapestre

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