The left is lying that the government is only helping the "Fidesz" settlements

This is a lie! The government develops and financially helps all settlements, regardless of whether they have a pro-government or orbán phobic leadership

The left is lying that the government is only helping the "Fidesz" settlements

The left is lying that the government is only helping the "Fidesz" settlements. This is a lie!
The government develops and helps all settlements, whether they have a pro-government or orbán phobic leadership.

🔴We can’t show everything in a single picture, so we made a 20-minute video in which we show the reality by showing the names of the settlements and the development. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out and share it!

Now let's see another 6 developments!

📌1. The doctor's office was completed and received asphalt pavement on Meroké in Csokonai Street!

Mihály Witzmannwrote: The doctor's office could be realized from a HUF 50 million regional development grant. It was a difficult birth, but it was worth it! Funding for the project was found years ago, but the road to implementation was hampered by many obstacles. I'm really happy it's finally done!
Thanks to the support of the Hungarian Village Program, Csokonai Street received asphalt paving along its entire length. Mayor Róbert Jáger also said that the properties here became not only more valuable, but also more salable through development.
We also agreed on the construction of a bike path and a nursery, for which we also managed to find tender support recently.
Thank you for the invitation and congratulations to the mermaids!


📌2. Jásd became richer with a new village bus.

Péter Ovádiwrote: Jásd successfully applied for a village bus within the framework of the Hungarian Village Program, which was today taken over by Mayor Tünde Győri and village caretaker Jakab Ferdinánd.
The 2021 budget provides even more resources for the development of rural Hungary than before. Come on Villages!


📌3. The billionaire investment in the Industrial Park in Pápa has been completed.

The complete renovation of Juhar Street and the extension of Kopja Street, all the way to the bypass, cost a total of more than 1.1 billion forints.

The good news is that despite the fact that the investment cost significantly more than was estimated about 4-5 years ago when the application was submitted, the papal government did not have to reach deep into its pockets. - At that time, it was not possible to see the construction explosion, the significant price increases, so in the end the construction cost much more than the amounts calculated at that time - not only in Pápa. The Hungarian state will help with this with the so-called increase, taking over the additional costs incurred, said Zoltán Kovács, Member of Parliament, on the spot. The papal local government originally won 800 million forints for the investment, which ended up costing about 1.5 times as much, this 400 million is supplemented by the government. This is not the only such project, the significant constructions taking place along Téglagyári út will also cost much more than the amount of support. Initially, the total construction was set at about 1.8 billion forints, which is supplemented by 1.4 billion by the government. There are other projects that require additional resources, in which case the municipality also turns to the government.

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📌4. The expanded crèche in Gyömrő was handed over

Dr. Lajos Szucswrote: We handed over the expanded nursery in Gyömrő - congratulations to the people of Gyömrő!
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Due to the epidemic situation, the representative office of the Csongrád County Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Mórahalom was handed over in a virtual event on Monday, January 11, 2021. In the building at István király út 1, renovated together with the local government, after the improvement of the epidemiological situation, the enterprises of the city and its region can handle the chamber affairs.
At the event dr. Attila Kőkuti, the president of the chamber, said that he considered the contact with businesses to be of key importance, which would be helped in the future by the now fifth rural chamber office in Mórahalom. There are about 1,500 businesses registered with the economic self-government and more than 50 volunteer chamber members in the city and its region. In addition to their work, they will work together to develop the region's economy by supporting the activities of the municipality, he added.
The handover was attended by Pál Nemesi, Government Commissioner of the Southern Great Plain Economic Development Zone, former President of the Chamber, who emphasized that co-operation could play a key role in recovering from the difficult situation caused by the coronavirus. The chamber is associated with more than 32,000 businesses in the county, which can go a long way in making it an endpoint where businesses can discuss day-to-day, current problems, solutions, and visions. The government commissioner explained that good quality cooperation with the local government, the chamber and businesses is crucial for the future because of the 2021-27 EU development cycle.


📌6. Mayer Lajos Street in Győr was renewed

Dr. András Csaba Andráswrote: We will not be idle in 2021 either. Today we handed over the 150 meter long completely renovated section of Mayer Lajos Street. Because it is not only the development of the city center that is important to us.
Our heart is Győr

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