Results of the economic protection action plan in figures

The opposition is lying that the government has not helped, while the reality is that the government has been helping for 10 years!

Results of the economic protection action plan in figures

Plenty of companies have felt the positive effects of the economic action plan on their own skin

The Economic Protection Action Plan is the largest package of measures ever in Hungarian economic history, including indirect economic policy instruments, ie tax cuts and a credit moratorium, government measures over the past nearly a yearThey reached 720 thousand businesses, respectivelyThey contributed to the preservation of 1.4 million jobs, said László György, Secretary of State for Economic Strategy and Regulation at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) on the ministry's Youtube channel on Thursday.
The Secretary of State explained that due to the government's actions, while unemployment in the EU Member StatesRose to 8 percent, and unemployment in the most severe southern states aIt also exceeded 16 percent, only in HungaryThe rate increased to 4 percent as a result of the epidemic.

Describing the details, László György said that through wage subsidies, the government almostIt reached 67 thousand businesses, andIt supported the protection and creation of 360,000 jobs. Within this, job protection wage subsidies, for example14.6 thousand enterprises more than207,000 employees, while in a sectoral wage program to support accommodation providers and caterers, almost11 thousand businesses participated, closeThrough its 80,000 employees.

Through investment incentives, the government is almost20,000 businesses, the Secretary of State pointed out, citing the Kisfaludy14,000 accommodations could be renewed. With programs to increase competitiveness, the government, through thousands of businesses, has more thanIt helped to keep 200,000 jobs - emphasized László György.

Through loan programs supported by the state and the Hungarian National Bank (MNB), approx52 thousand transactions were concluded - the Secretary of State emphasized, indicating that due to the great interest, the application period for the preferential loans of the Széchényi Card Program was extended until the end of June.

Describing the economic protection measures, the Secretary of State also pointed out that due to the tax cuts coming into force this year,The business tax of 720 thousand sole proprietorships and small and medium-sized companies is halved.

György László put it this way: in the first phase of economic protection measures, between March and May, the government focused on defense, while from May to the end of the year, the strategy was based on both defense and attack. In the third phase, from January this year, the government will defend itself by attacking, using the football analogy, so that Hungarian companies can switch from defense to attack as soon as possible, ie conquer new markets, the Secretary of State remarked. This is modern football and the XXI. It is also the basic philosophy of the economic development of the 19th century and of the Hungarian model, which is now followed by many, he added.

In the next period, unprecedented levels of financial instruments, zero-interest loans and favorable capital schemes, as well as investment-friendly training and employment aid to promote technology change, will be available, with a full framework approachingHUF 5,000 billion - summed up László György, referring to the fact that the amount also includes loans supported by the state and the MNB, as well as non-repayable development funds that can be claimed by enterprises.

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