In 72 hours, Telegram Messenger became 25 million new users

What is forbidden to talk on Facebook can be discussed elsewhere!

In 72 hours, Telegram Messenger became 25 million new users

Due to Trump’s unlawful blocking and the impossibility of the Parler social network by GooglePlay and the AppStore, millions of people are leaving Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and switching to encrypted and uncensored Telegram Messenger. The big left-liberal tech companies have scored their own goals, as so far all communication has taken place on their platform, they knew everything about us, our habits, our favorites, our acquaintances, our shopping habits and of course our political views. This will now be partially over.

Without leaving Facebook, we are also building our second and third bridgeheads through alternative channels. Our site appeared on the HunDub social network, and we also transferred the contact with our friends to Telegram. there is no more taboo subject, taboo is only here, in a censored left-liberal world whose days are numbered (in our opinion) Every empire has a beginning, a heyday and a fall that is inevitable! However, the frightening events in the United States in recent weeks have sent us a message that we need to act, immediately.

In addition to their social networking sites, all politicians are encouraged to create their own static websites and link the content they want to upload from there to Facebook, or post them on Facebook when they appear on the website. The closer the choice is, the more pages they will be blocked, restricted, muted, and we can’t afford the luxury of losing previously shared content. Parler’s example shows that all mobile apps are in the hands of Google and Apple, and they turn OFF ANY and ANYTHING for no particular reason. Static websites and our patriotic media cannot be controlled, the information stored there is safe.

They can be disabled here, but they cannot influence our political views.
We are not afraid, and we will fight to the end for Hungary to remain a Hungarian country.

Everyone develop a B, C, and D plan for themselves!
It's not too late now! Let’s not leave Facebook voluntarily, the fight is going on here right now, but if we disable it, we can’t get into a predicament.

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