The Youth Education Center in Western Hungary was handed over

Left-liberal tears will fall

The Youth Education Center in Western Hungary was handed over

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Why are we writing this? Because this investment was now exceptionally built by the company of Lőrinc Mészáros (on time, paying everyone, creating jobs, paying the tax), or as they write, "Lölő" company. It follows that this investment was written about by left-liberal false news propaganda, falsehoods and false news were disseminated, butchered was demonized, it gave the false appearance that the 6 billion "Butcher got", while the reality is that the total cost of the project was 6 billion, this includes land, building materials, wages, taxes, subcontractors, permits, everything. The profit of a butcher 's company can only be 5-6 percent, which pays tax on the profit, which profit stays at home and which profit is used by your company (not him, but your company!) To acquire new assets and create jobs!

📌Butcher even donates from the profits, our list is worth a few billion forints.

Sport is the antecedent of health care, and the development of sport is closely linked to the development of our health system. The more people will play sports, the less we need to spend to cure diseases, so the money “spent” on sports is not an expense but an investment in the future.

The Youth Education Center in Western Hungary was handed over

In the field of sports developments, Szombathely was once again enriched: the Youth Education Center of Western Hungary, ie the new building of the Illés Academy in Szarka Zoltán Street, was handed over.

For a long time, it was planned that the Elijah Academy would move to a modern building, where students could also prepare for classes and trainings in their own dormitory. The implementation of the blueprints on paper could have started when the Dozmati reservoir for the flood protection of Szombathely and its surrounding settlements was completed.

"After guaranteeing the safety reported by the reservoir, the work began - and the Youth Education Center in West Hungary was completed by Christmas 2020," said Béla Illés, the founding director of the academy. - Six new tracks have been built: five of them are live tracks and one is artificial turf tracks - the latter with cork filling, which is more durable and has a more natural surface than the previous ones. On the four levels of the building, a total of eight changing rooms, a state-of-the-art gym, massage rooms, a physiology analysis room and medical rooms serve the students.

In the 2020/2021 season, there will be 139 students in the eight age groups of the academy - and non-locals will be able to move into the dormitory on the upper levels this week: 55 double rooms await them. In addition to training rooms and community rooms, offices and meeting rooms have been set up for professional staff trainers, analysts, fitness trainers, individual trainers, scouts.

In 2020, the Illés Academy added 13 players to the youth national team from the current students, while András Schäfer - after István Kovács and Roland Ugrai - was the third from the Szombathely institution to present himself in the national team for the European Championship.

-Since the beginning of two thousand and twenty, the Elijah Academy in Szombathely has been a member of the ten associations that can work in football as a state-recognized academy. The key to the development of 15-19 year olds is the work we do locally. The children who come to us can choose from three secondary schools - Herman Ottó Technical School, Nagy Lajos Gimnázium and Kölcsey Ferenc Gimnázium - and now our logistics task is further simplified with our own dormitory. This infrastructural development also contributes to the transfer of new students from the academy to the Szombathely Progress, and thus to adult football - Béla Illés expressed his hope.

As previously reported, the serious, high-quality development was implemented thanks to HUF 5.9 billion in state resources.

The building on the left of the bottom row in the picture is the first building of the Elijah Academy handed over in 2015, and the green one handed over today.

📌For the sake of those who say they should “rather” spend on something else, we show the reality: you get money for everything, you don’t have to choose because everything is built and renewed.

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📌The left-liberal false news propaganda only talks about Mészáros, not the Red Barons. A gap-filling article follows

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