The price of Christmas candy (and much more)

How much is the average wage now and how much has it been worth 10 years ago? - Part 8

The price of Christmas candy (and much more)

Recently, we proved about milk that we can get it cheaper in proportions than 10 years ago, and before that we wrote about the Christmas tree, i.e. the cut pine. Now we continue with another seasonal product, saloon sugar.

In retrospect, we can remember that during the summer, the price of the holiday at Lake Balaton, the beaches and especially the flame was on display among the loopy liberal propaganda media. This is because most people vacationed domestically. They lied about deep poverty in the morning, at noon and in the evening, while it turned out that in 2010 35% of Hungarians could go on holiday, while in 2020, 58.5% of people affected by COVID. In the spirit of “consistency,” they repeatedly refuted themselves, and we corrected their lies about the precious flame.

A lot of people used the accommodation at Lake Balaton, ate, paid for the beach ticket, bought lángos, so they could see that the prices were set by the left. This malicious tsunami seems to have had no effect, so they are no longer bragging about the price of a Christmas tree or Christmas candy that can be tied to a Christian holiday.

In 2020, the cheapest kilo sugar price is 900 forints per kilogram, however, the more affluent and gourmets can pay 15,000 forints per kilogram.

We calculate on the basis of the data of the Association of Hungarian Confectionery Manufacturers, according to which in 2010 approx. We bought 4,000 tons of Christmas sugar and spent HUF 5 billion on it, ie we can establish an average price of HUF 1,250 / kg for 2010. By 2020, the same organization expects a consumption of 3,500 tons and a spending of HUF 7 billion, which means an average price of HUF 2,000. It has been found that they are increasingly opting for better quality Christmas sugars from which they buy less.

In 2010, the average monthly net earnings were HUF 132,825, for which we were then able to buy 106 kg of Christmas sugar. In the first 9 months of 2020, a net average salary of HUF 262,695 was measured, which is now worth 131 kg of Christmas sugar.
So our salary has grown better than the price of Christmas candy. It is important that we do not look at prices in isolation, but in relation to our salary.

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