Judit Varga: For two years now, there has been a continuous persecution of witches against our country in Brussels

Judit Varga: For two years now, there has been a continuous persecution of witches against our country in Brussels

It's a joke! Those who are talking about the rule of law are those who, in violation of the law, did not take abstentions into account when initiating the Article 7 procedure, in violation of their own rules. Stomach-turning, illegal double standard! The left-liberals have dug themselves so deep into our eyes that there is no going back.

Hungary continues to insist that the European Parliament unlawfully adopted the Sargentini report, on the basis of which it initiated proceedings under Article 7 against Hungary, Judit Varga wrote on her Facebook page on Thursday.

As we have written before, Michal Bobek, Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), is proposing that the Court dismiss the Hungarian action on the Sargentini report, a notice published on the Luxembourg panel's website on Thursday morning.

Responding to Bobek's motion, the Hungarian Minister of Justice stated: “According to the Czech Advocate General of the European Court of Justice, the Hungarian action is admissible, but the resolution of the European Parliament initiating the so-called The rule of law in accordance with Article 7. "

Judit Varga added: according to the Advocate General's specific grammatical interpretation, by abstaining, the Member "asks to be treated as if he had not voted at all".

In contrast, in Hungary's position, abstentions express precisely the fact that a Member wishes to take part in the vote, as he or she does not simply stay away from the vote, but makes an active statement, thus expressing his or her political position.

That is why, according to Hungary, it is completely irrelevant that Members have been properly informed that abstentions do not count in the vote, as this is an interpretation contrary to EU law. Moreover, this information was not based on a decision of an EP body, as, although it would have been possible, the EP did not clarify the issue properly, the head of the ministry pointed out.

According to the Minister of Justice, since the initiation of the Article 7 proceedings two years ago, there has been a continuous persecution of witches against Hungary, in which the European Parliament is at the forefront. It is therefore particularly important for the European Court of Justice to rule in a future judgment on whether the EP's decision to initiate the procedure was lawful at all.

"According to Hungary, the answer is clear, despite Advocate General Bobek's opinion: the Sargentini report was adopted in an illegal manner!" Judit Varga underlined at the end of her post.


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