Our message to Bence Istenes and his followers!

The family is the family! Dad, mom, kids are the ingredients

Our message to Bence Istenes and his followers!

(In a broader sense, obviously grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and others)

It was strange for us to see that particular post on the side of a married family with two children. Surely there are job expectations, and with this, the popular (?) Celebrity tried to meet his foreign-owned employer, who promoted left-liberal ideas.

Ensuring the healthy development and rights of children is essential! Those who see it differently should think back to who gave birth to them, what family they grew up in. They cannot wish any child what they like so much today because it is so "trendy" because it will make them so "open", "modern", "enlightened", "true Democrats". Feel free to start such a "family" as liberals, leaving only our children alone! This is the red line, we will never let go of it!

We will remain in the traditional family until then, where the mother is a woman, the father is a man, and there are children who we raise in love and happiness to healthy adults. We raise our children for work, respect and law-abiding behavior, so that in the future they can carry on the knowledge, experience and work we inherited from our fathers. For us, our family, and in a broader sense, our large family, Hungary is the first!

We’re not going to succumb to stuff left-liberal trends just to meet someone😊

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