Brussels vs Hungary. NOT to blackmail

If they don't understand otherwise, we're vetoing!

Brussels vs Hungary.  NOT to blackmail

🇭🇺Hajrá Viktor Orbán!
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Let's look at the facts briefly:
Brussels kicked all contracts unilaterally!
📌They violated the Schengen Agreement by deploying undocumented people with criminal backgrounds, endangering Hungarians as there are no border controls within the zone, they can move freely and they can commit terrorist acts in Hungary as well.
📌They violated our accession treaty. Hungary has joined on the condition that we receive money from the cohesion fund, in return we abolish customs duties and open our markets. We have fulfilled our commitment, so far in Brussels, but now they want to steal the money we owe.
📌And now they are trying to blackmail Hungary with all sorts of pseudo-rule-changing conditions that are changing every day. They do not describe what they think the rule of law is, but they impose more and more conditions every day. The issue of sexual minorities has just been raised today, and tomorrow it may be announced that the rule of law is where everyone goes hand in hand, and if we do not go hand in hand, there will be no money.

Joke it all! A unilateral breach of contract also gives us room for maneuver: we will protect Hungary - at any cost. Hungary is a sovereign country and we will not allow us to be blackmailed.

The thing is that we Hungarians decide what rule of law we want to live in. Our current rule of law is SUITABLE for us! And they can call anything a state governed by the rule of law, they can live their lives the way they want, and we will no longer, as we have so far, have a say in how THEM should live. If the situation requires it, we can also draw a fence on the western border, it does not depend on it. The contracts were fired by them - not us.

📌Lines of Minister Judit Varga:

"Let's clarify a few things in the run-up to the final decision on the EU budget regarding the relationship between Hungary and the Union, as during the long negotiations the EU institutions, some member states and the domestic opposition mixed many issues into the numbers:
• Hungary has never fought and is fighting against Europe, but for Europe and the European future of our children and grandchildren.
• Hungary agrees with the founding fathers of the union that Europe will or will not be a Christian and a humanist.
• The vast majority of Hungarians and Europeans strongly believe that Europe should not give up its identity and the fundamental values ​​that make Europe the most livable continent in the world.
• At the time of joining the EU in 2004, Hungary did not say yes to a federalist Europe, not to globalism and especially not to the United States of Europe, but to a mutually supportive and respectful alliance based on strong nation states.
• At the time of accession, we did not give up that part of our national sovereignty in order to decide who we want to live with in our own country.
• We did not say yes to joining the EU so that Brussels could define for us what we consider a family, what we call marriage and who can adopt children in Hungary and under what conditions.
• It is not true that Hungary was not in solidarity with the other member states during the migration crisis, as Hungary spent hundreds of billions of forints to protect Europe's borders and we try to help people in trouble locally, because we believe that it is not the trouble that needs to be brought to Europe. should be delivered to those in need.
• Hungary did not attack the other member states because of their migration policy, but vice versa.
• It is not Hungary that attacks Brussels and other Member States with various accusations disguised in the guise of the rule of law, but vice versa.
• We do not criticize Member States where there is no Constitutional Court, or the government directly directs the prosecution, or where judges are appointed by political actors, but vice versa.
• It is not we who have called for the rule of law in those Member States where there have been recent brutal attacks on Christians and anti-Semitic atrocities are becoming more frequent, but they are on us.
• Contrary to the claim of the Hungarian opposition, EU subsidies and cohesion funds are not pledge donations, but payments entitled to Hungary on the basis of the EU Treaties. In return for these resources, Hungary undertook a lot at the time of accession, including: opening its markets, waiving customs and other revenues, transposing the entire EU acquis, accepting the free movement of capital (allowing unrestricted investment by capital-intensive Western European companies), and Hungary also makes significant contributions to the Union's common budget.
• It is not Hungary that blackmails and puts pressure on Brussels in the negotiations on EU budget resources, but vice versa.
Anyone who knows Hungarian history knows exactly that when it comes to the future of our children and grandchildren, the Hungarian people and Hungary do not compromise, whether it is a war of independence or just a simple veto.
"Because the water runs away and only the stone remains, but the stone remains."🇭🇺"

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