Liberals are comrades with terrorists

German "antifa" terrorists were imported into Poland to help local abortion liberals

Liberals are comrades with terrorists

They want to make hell out of our calm countries!
A change of government council is being set up in Poland - based on a Belarusian recipe! The Hungarian liberals are also preparing for this, the SzFE scandal was intended as a starting point, they believed that the authorities would evacuate the building, there would be a couple of "sacred victims", they were injured, and then a larger protest could start. We missed the party.

The anti-abortion movement in Poland has reached a level.
An international press conference was held on Friday morning by one of the organizations coordinating the wave of anti-abortion protests in Poland, the Polish Women's Strike, wrote 444. Marta Lempart and Klementyna Suchanow, representatives of the organization, said the crowd was expected to return to Warsaw on Friday afternoon at 5 p.m.

The protest against the tightening of the abortion law has now turned into a general anti-government protest, Klementyna Suchanow said of her impression, calling the political activation of youth the biggest novelty. “We can talk about a generational revolution without exaggeration,” he said. The movements, according to Suchanow, have been peaceful so far, but nationalist groups have repeatedly warped to attack protesters detached from the crowd on the streets. “We are convinced that these people are the mercenaries received by the ruling party, we ask the members of the press to go more closely to the background of the perpetrators,” he added.

The protesters do not consider the official decision to be a formal decision

The press conference revealed that the Polish Women’s Strike is constantly monitoring the demands made and recurring daily in the wave of protests, and from these is compiling a unified list of demands from the movement, which is constantly updated. The protesters do not see the decision of the Constitutional Court on Thursday declaring the abortion authorized for a severely injured fetus unconstitutional as an official decision of the Constitutional Court because Julia Przyłębska, President of the Constitutional Court appointed by PiS (the ruling Law and Justice Party), is not considered a legitimate constitutional judge.

In addition to the reorganization of the Constitutional Court, they also call for a reorganization of the Supreme Court, also considered to be under the influence of PiS, led by Jarosław Kaczyński, as they want to see a completely independent actor from PiS as the successor to the outgoing Ombudsman, Adam Bodnar.

In fact, the resignation of the government is the goal, in agreement with the Belarusian opposition
The protesters' main demand, however, is the resignation of the current government, Marta Lempart said, announcing that a Consultative Council of opposition actors and legal-political experts would be set up to prepare for the change of government, based on a recipe from the Belarusian opposition. “We are in constant dialogue with the Belarusian opposition, and like those who have been tirelessly persevering for weeks, we are ready to fight to the end,” Klementyna Suchanow said.

Protests were encouraged in the churches, they did not understand why the church was aloof

The two activists received several questions from journalists. One was whether, according to the movement’s organizers, it was okay for protesters to destroy temples and take action in front of buildings or at masses in the heat of protest. Suchanow and Lempart acknowledged that running over the previous weekend had indeed encouraged people to express their protest against the influence of the Catholic clergy on the state organization in churches, on Sunday Mass. But seeing the Church listening and refraining from dialogue, people are now more encouraged to invest energy in other ways of protesting. “If the church comes to mind and changes its attitude, it’s great. If you don’t, you will lose anyway, ”Suchanow said.

In response to another press question, it was said the Consultative Council would be made up mostly of opposition politicians sitting in the current parliament, but of civilians, because “members of the movement are currently the main political force in the country”, party politics cannot reap their laurels. The church’s progressive, open-dialogue actors won’t be there at the table either, Marta Lempart said. “Since 2015, the church has had the opportunity to have a say in what our state looks like. We can see what ended, ”he said.

The Polish police are in control of the situation, the terrorists are arrested and taken where they are. Similar movements can be expected in Hungary, they are just waiting for the right opportunity. In Poland, the tightening of the abortion law was, and in Ukraine, the main reason for the pre-coup protests was that Yanukovych asked for time to think before signing a cooperation agreement with the EU.
So far, no reason has been found in Hungary to move large crowds. The SzFE fate was meant for it, but it was missed due to the wisdom of the authorities, the protesters were not chased away, no one was shot in the eye, as the Gyurcsánys did.

After the Polish Constitutional Court salutably restricted the legal possibilities for fetal killings in the country, feminist, far-left and liberal groups began aggressive protests. As Vasá reported several times, the protesters insulted churches, broke into Mass, worshiped Christian believers and priests, and damaged statues of saints while promoting unrestricted abortion.

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🔴German Antifas arrived at the Warsaw protest, the patriots hunt them down.
The prophecy of the patriots found proven German-speaking anarchists in Warsaw who were also filmed. The riot police took them out right away, hopefully they'll be cool too.

Viktor Orbán said it would be a hot autumn - he was right. Liberal terrorists will not stop until they gain power in our countries. Bloodshed and civil war can be expected. It all depends on the wisdom of the Hungarian and Polish people, because we are dealing with a few thousand import terrorists, but if some domestic political illiterates also start to "disorder", it will take more time.

🔴Meanwhile, another pro-immigration attack took place against Hungary.

Do you remember? Recently, they had problems with transit zones - we closed them and made the rule that anyone applying for asylum in Hungary will be kind enough to indicate their intention at a foreign mission. With this, we avoided that unknown people, with unknown health backgrounds, with unknown intentions could cross the border in the rising phase of the epidemic. And now that's a problem.

According to the European Commission (EC), the new Hungarian asylum procedures introduced in the framework of the control of the coronavirus epidemic are violating EU law.

The Brussels panel said on Friday it had launched an infringement procedure and therefore sent a letter of formal notice to Hungary to allow access to the asylum procedure. The ECJ complains that in order to apply for international protection in Hungary, citizens of non-EU countries must first declare their intention to apply for asylum at a Hungarian embassy outside the European Union by submitting a letter of intent.

Pál Völner, parliamentary secretary of state in the Ministry of Justice, reacted on Facebook, saying that "EU bureaucrats and the left seem to have severed contact with reality once and for all", fights the virus.

"If it depends on them, Europe will be destroyed. That is why we cannot give up the fight either. We must fight for our values, our interests and the future of our children, ”he wrote.


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