István Hollik: The statement of the bloodthirsty Szegő

István Hollik: The statement of the bloodthirsty Szegő

(For our part, all we add is that whoever thinks the cross around his neck is really a problem, feel free to delete it from your acquaintances. We don't have any more in common with him.)

It is quite astonishing, according to the politician, that despite the brutal terrorist attack on Christianity in France just yesterday, there are people who are capable of making such a statement.
As our paper wrote, on Friday morning, journalist Péter Szegő criticized the cross of Cecília Müller, which the national chief medical officer wears (also) at the press conferences of the operative tribe.

“It may seem pumpkin incidental, anyway, if I were the prime minister, I would ask the Citizen of the Nation to be kind enough to take the cross off his neck during his public appearances. Secularization as such, ”Szegő wrote. The article was received by several media outlets, and Pesti Srá also asked István Hollik about the sentences of the left-liberal journalist.

The KDNP politician told the paper that it was quite astonishing that, despite a brutal terrorist attack on Christianity in France just yesterday, there were people who were able to make such a statement. He added that it should not be forgotten that the attack on Christians is not as important to them as it is whether or not there is a rule of law in Hungary, as they are constantly busy with it. According to István Hollik, it is also thought-provoking that during the epidemic, the most important thing for a left-liberal journalist is for Cecília Müller to take the cross off her neck. The politician believes this is almost “as if they were living on another planet”.

“They are attacking Cecilia Müller, who has been doing persistent, conscientious work for months to fight the epidemic, and the most important thing for them is whether or not she has a cross around her neck.” All this reassures us that danger is not just lurking outside but also from within. The domestic opposition does not see the danger, they are consciously turning their backs on the Christian culture that we consciously want to preserve, ”he underlined.

The 10 main lies of liberals:

- Liberals are fighting for the rights of EUROPEAN WOMEN and admitting to hundreds of thousands those who disregard women.
- Liberals are fighting for the rights of CHILDREN, but are settling in those whose legal system allows little girls up to the age of 8 to be married and also supports abortion.
- Liberals are fighting for the RULE OF LAW and tolerate NO-GO zones in their Western European countries, thus creating a “state” within the state.
- Liberals accuse Hungary of ANTI-SEMITISM while freeing millions of illegal immigrants who hate Jews from European Jewry.
- Liberals fight for freedom of expression but do not tolerate other opinions, stigmatize others in an exclusionary way (no one who disagrees with them is Nazi, racist, homophobic, exclusionary)
- Liberals are fighting for the extra rights of sexual minorities while calling on those who, to put it mildly, do not share these views
- Liberals are fighting for HUMAN DIGNITY while demonizing and insulting people who express dissenting opinions with their mouths.
- Liberals are fighting for EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES, but they only take into account the chances of the deviant, the people of foreign cultures, against the indigenous Europeans.
- Liberals are fighting for EUROPEAN VALUES, but European values ​​no longer include Christian culture, the traditional family model, national identity, patriotism, real freedom of the press.


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