Instead of a liberal divisive policy, we need calm construction

Instead of a liberal divisive policy, we need calm construction

The left has set itself the goal of causing economic hardship, hampering development, dividing society on religious, economic, political and other grounds. They have openly stated that "Orban can only be replaced if everyone understands the economic downturn on their own skin"
This explains everything, so it’s already understandable why what they’re doing in the “taken back” cities is why it’s happening. They need dissatisfaction, they like to fish in confusion.

On the other hand, the national side has been building Hungary for 10 years, we must not deviate from this path, because this is the basis of growth, which will create jobs, prosperity, rising wages, and a strengthening Hungary.

Let’s see the fresh list: playground, kindergarten, sports field, industrial park, market, bike path and tourist developments have been handed over.

📌1. The first digital playground in the country was handed over in Gárdony

As a result of innovative technological development, the future has arrived at the Reformed Kindergarten in Gárdony. The country was the first in the country to build a digital playground on the courtyard, the ceremonial handover of which was held on Thursday.
The event was led by a joint singing in the Reformed Church - the voices of the children and teachers of Életfácska Kindergarten were heard, who gave a singing performance with piano accompaniment.
Kindergarten teacher Enikő M. Torda greeted the audience at the handover ceremony of the digital playground set up in the courtyard of the congregation house, and then the actor Károly Mészáros performed a church poem. They were followed by Katalin Novák, Minister without Portfolio for Families, who said in her speech that the world is living in very difficult times, which is creating uncertainty everywhere - and that is what makes security more valuable than before.
- I would like to say three terms that characterize this period: one is security, the other is community, and the third is development. Even today, I am talking about these three words for me, namely development in a safe community, ”the Minister said.

📌2. A new multifunctional sports field was built in Nyírpilis.

Member of Parliament Simon Miklóswritten by:
Value creation in Nyírség 144 .: A new multifunctional sports field was built in Nyírpil.
Thanks to the MLSZ National Course Construction Program, a new multi-function sports field was built in Nyírpil.
Congratulations Nyírpilis!


📌3. Tower wand: an industrial park and a new market have been handed over.

Dr. Miklós Sesztákwritten by:
Tornyospálca and the significant pillar of the region, the industrial area, are further developing!
Today, I attended the closing event, the last step in this development.
In addition, a particularly important investment was handed over to the settlement, Tornyospálca became richer with a really special Community market for local product sales.
Congratulations on the improvements, Tornyospálca, Szabolcs 03!🇭🇺


📌4. The fishing lake and its surroundings in Nagybivalyos have been renewed

A fish house, wooden houses, an educational trail, a playground and a leisure park have also been established in the vicinity of Nagybivalyos Horgásztó. The tourism development project, for which the Nagybivalyos Horgászegyesület won about 108 million forints in cooperation with the Várpalota municipality, was handed over on Wednesday in a ceremonial setting.
- It is extremely important for the municipality of Várpalota that the practitioners of this beautiful sport can indulge their passion in a demanding environment, using developing services.
- said Mayor Márta Campanari-Talabér at the project launch ceremony of Nagybivalyos Horgásztó, which was held on Wednesday afternoon in the facility on the border of Várpalota.
Yesterday's handover was greeted by Deputy Minister of the Interior Károly Kontrát, Member of Parliament of the region, Imre Polgárdy, President of the Veszprém County Assembly, Sándor Nagy, President of the Nagybivalyos Fishing Association,
Using the support of HUF 107.7 million received from the Regional and Settlement Development Operational Program, the aim was to establish one of the most significant fishing lakes in the country, with outstanding infrastructure and background facilities from a European point of view.
The project included the construction of an educational trail, wooden houses, a bird-watching, piers, a playground and an outdoor fitness park, as well as a fish house as a showroom, but the existing water blocks have also been upgraded. Wednesday’s inauguration ceremony was preceded by a children’s and adult fishing competition during the morning. Nearly 50 teams competed, among the starters there was also the President of Imre Polgárdy County General Assembly, who praised the fishing paradise established next to the Castle Palace.

Source:Hungarian Nation

📌5. The renewed Fairytale World Kindergarten was handed over

The member kindergarten of the Balatonfüred Kiserdei Kindergarten was completely renewed, which was handed over on Thursday by cutting the national ribbon. 80 children will arrive at the institution on Monday.
"At my proposal, the Hungarian government supported the works with HUF 30 million, for which the city provided significant self-sufficiency," said Secretary of State Károly Kontrát, Member of Parliament. He added that the basis of the Hungarian future is the child, the government supports to have as many crèches and kindergartens as possible.
In the last ten years, the number of kindergarten places has increased by 16,000. Currently, 200 investments out of HUF 100 billion are underway, according to which new kindergartens are being built or expanded. In addition, the number of kindergarten teachers is increasing. "The development of Balatonfüred is unbroken," the MP remarked.
Deputy Mayor Lenke Hári thanked the institutions where the children were placed during the renovation since December last year, especially the Reformed Parish of Balatonfüred, the local Reformed school and kindergarten. The renovated building will house 80 children from Monday, and will also house the details of the Reformed kindergarten, due to the remodeling that begins there.

📌6. A new cycle path was built in Kunmadaras.

F. Kovács Sándorwritten by:
According to an old saying, even the longest journey begins with the first step. Kunmadaras has already embarked on this long journey and is moving forward confidently.
This afternoon we handed over the new bike path in Kunmadaras in the company of Imre Hubai, County President and Mayor Marianna Balogh.
Thanks to the development of one hundred million forints, a safe, two-way bicycle path connects Kunmadaras with the workplaces operating in the area of ​​the former Soviet military airport and the industrial park planned there. In addition, it connects the town to the area’s ever-expanding cycle path network.
Development is therefore a solid foundation on which to build the future.
Congratulations on your investment! I wish you to serve the residents of the settlement and safe traffic for many years!



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