Morning interview of Viktor Orbán on Kossuth Radio!

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Morning interview of Viktor Orbán on Kossuth Radio!

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Kossuth Radio Good morning, Hungary! commented on the latest government action.

At the beginning of the conversation, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán spoke about the fact that 27 prime ministers had a joint virological discussion yesterday. "I can say that the situation in our country is still divine. It is not easy here either, but it is much worse in Belgium or the Netherlands, for example. It is a complete turmoil that prevails in Europe," the prime minister said.

📌Wearing a mask must be observed
Viktor Orbán also spoke about trying to create a unified system among the EU measures. Everyone also trusts their own system when it comes to testing, he added.
Indeed, everyone is doing something, but the severity of the measures and the situation do not overlap. The most important thing is not to increase the number of rules, but to follow the rules that have been made, he added. The key is to wear a mask, the prime minister said.

📌We have the third largest health reserve in Europe
Viktor Orbán emphasized that everyone had to get used to the situation. From Monday, a new world of controls will begin. He who does not wear the mask plays not only with his own health but also with the health of others, the prime minister said.
Whoever does not wear the mask puts everyone in danger. The police will have the opportunity to close various shops and restaurants. In terms of civic discipline, we have adapted quite well. The health care system will withstand the pressure - Viktor Orbán emphasized.
We have the third largest health reserve in Europe, the prime minister stressed, adding that we are the first in terms of the ventilator.

📌The first dose of coronavirus vaccine may arrive in Hungary in late December-early January
We have twice as many influenza vaccinations as in peacetime, but that may not be enough, so we ordered 360 thousand, and we also have a Hungarian vaccine factory - the Prime Minister informed, he emphasized that a new vaccine factory is being built in Debrecen. The prime minister also said we produce both remdesivir and favirapiravir.
Doctors and nurses are having a great time fighting. Everyone is tired, everyone has a problem, but our doctors know if there’s a problem, you have to go. They will endure, and we will all endure. I expect the first dose of coronavirus vaccine to arrive in Hungary in late December-early January. Chronic patients can be vaccinated around January, and the most vulnerable group, the prime minister said.

📌Viktor Orbán instructed the Operational Tribe to have a vaccination plan. In April, we can say goodbye to the epidemic as it now stands, the prime minister said.
Conciliation on the medical relationship is ongoing
Viktor Orbán also spoke about the fact that the law on the status of doctors is being negotiated.
He stressed the rules of secondment need to be humanized, but in an epidemic situation, secondment will remain.
According to the Prime Minister, there are legitimate-life-like demands. On the case of private practice, he said, a way of life has developed and they are trying to put things right in this area as well. These issues will certainly be decided at the next government meetings.

📌The family support system will be put together

The prime minister also said that there is an optimistic picture ahead of him in the economic field, but in the financial field it will not be easy.
In all these situations, a very significant increase in health care wages has been implemented. The time has also come for them to be able to raise unbearably low salaries. In addition, the family support system will be put together.
Also in 2010, the first decisions were in the area of ​​family support, the prime minister said.

📌"As long as this government is in place, migrants will not come in."

In connection with the brutal terrorist attack in Nice, Viktor Orbán emphasized that Hungary will not allow Brussels to force Hungary to change the rules on migration, we will not embark on the same path as Western Europe.
He reminded that the Hungarian opposition is also an immigrant party, "in a herd" with those who are putting pressure on Hungary to change the rules of immigration.
He added: It is in Hungary's interest to have anti-migration leaders in government, such as the Italian Matteo Salvini, who is currently in opposition, throughout Europe.

📌The situation in Western Europe has deteriorated greatly

Matteo Salvini prevented immigration. It is also in our interest in Western Europe for anti-immigration politicians to be in power, the Prime Minister emphasized.
By the way, I am upset because I was in Western Europe for the first time in 1984, but I was never afraid - Viktor Orbán reminded.
If our own children go out to the West, we have to worry. We had a fantastic continent, and it is incomprehensible that some people should let that happen, ”the prime minister said.
There is no reason for someone to kill innocents

One can talk about whether European freedom of speech is well furnished, but there is no reason for someone to kill innocents, the prime minister said, stressing that it is impossible to take another person’s life and any murder in peacetime is inescapable.

📌Viktor Orbán said that on October 31 he would inaugurate a Reformed church near Budapest. He also spoke about the fact that the Reformation saved the Hungarian language and national consciousness in the 16th century. This can even be accepted by the Catholic brothers, he added.

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