The Minister of Finance refutes the false claims of Benedek Jávor

Left-liberals are doing everything they can to make Hungary bad

The Minister of Finance refutes the false claims of Benedek Jávor

The left has stated that they believe Orban can only be replaced if there is a severe, protracted economic crisis that hurts everyone. They will do their best to do so. The left is working to make Hungarian families, retirees and workers feel the economic crisis on their own skin. Before 2010, they were in government, we felt it then, as they abstracted everything they could, raised taxes, raised unemployment to the skies.

🔴In detail why they should not be allowed to govern again:

Mihály Vargawriting

Benedek Jávor, the official lobbyist of the Metropolitan Municipality in Brussels, wrote an article on euobserver in which he scolded the Hungarian government in the usual way. So far, everything is the usual, not to mention. At the end of the writing, it pits out there, it would be better if they shared the EU money, that is, Budapest and NGOs. This is not a new thing, we know.

The new element, on the other hand, is that it is achieved by distorting the Hungarian economic data. The epidemic has hit Hungary better than the EU average, he says. False statement, according to the data of the first half of the year, the Hungarian economy fell by 6.1%, the EU average by 8.3%. Not a few of ours either, but better than the EU average.

The deficit and public debt are growing, you need money - he writes. He does not add that in all 27 countries, as the fight against the epidemic overrides the EU's financial limits, this has just been suspended by the European Commission. We also spend money on health and economic defense. And before the epidemic, we reduced our debt by the largest proportion, which the previous government, along with IMF debt, was pleased to raise.

So far, the criticism has been that the use of money from the union is slow, Jávor now complains that we have already used 99% of the money for the 2014-2020 cycle. But isn't that why the EU is referring? Shouldn't it have been used? Let's get lost?

Orban needs more EU money than anyone, there is no funding from anywhere else, the author says. Dear Jávor Benedek! If that were the case, we would be bankrupt, just like the one you left here after the Gyurcsány-Bajnai government. Let us rejoice rather that we have repaid the IMF loan, cut the cost of debt, while the economy has been able to grow, creating new jobs.

Dear Benedict! All I ask of you is that when you want to make money according to your mandate, you should do so at the expense of the Hungarian economy and not mislead readers!


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