Orbán: Let's join forces to defend European values ​​and the traditional European way of life.

Orbán: Let's join forces to defend European values ​​and the traditional European way of life.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán expressed his condolences to the French nation on behalf of the Hungarian people in connection with the Islamist terrorist attack in Nice on Thursday and wished much strength to the families of the victims in a letter sent to President Emmanuel Macron, said Bertalan Havasi, Prime Minister. .

As he wrote, he was deeply shocked to learn of the terrible terrorist attack in Nice. "Both the attacks of today and in recent weeks have clearly shown that our common European culture, way of life and values ​​have become a crossroads of extreme terrorism," said the Hungarian Prime Minister.

Viktor Orbán assured the French head of state of Hungary's support during these difficult hours.

"We are ready to join forces to protect traditional European values ​​and the traditional European way of life," the Hungarian prime minister wrote in his condolence letter.

The government was shocked to learn of the assassination

The Hungarian government was deeply shocked to learn of what happened in Nice, where an Islamist terrorist killed three innocent Christians in their parish churches with extreme cruelty, the Prime Minister informed MTI on Thursday.

“We would like to extend our condolences to the families of the victims and assure them of our prayers,” the statement said.

As they write, all acts of terrorism are most strongly condemned, especially when they are committed against Christians.

They emphasize that the Hungarian government has recognized the fact that Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world, as 260 million more Christians suffer persecution for their faith this year than last year.

In this situation, the world's first government unit to help persecuted Christians was established in 2016, allowing 100,000 distressed Christians to stay in their homeland or return home through the Hungary Helps Program in 3 years, they add.

However, they believe that the lives of Christian people are no longer in danger not only in the Middle East or Africa, but also in the heart of Europe.

"It is a matter of grave concern that the activities of the international left, which has been guiding and supporting the wave of illegal migration that began years ago, and the Soros organizations working with them, such as Migration Aid, have allowed innocent people in European countries Islamist extremists, ”they say.

From the very beginning, Hungary is firmly opposed and will take effective action against illegal migration, as it will in the future, the Prime Minister's statement states.


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