Meanwhile in Hungary

Meanwhile in Hungary

We are pleased to report on the next 6 developments. In 2022, we will vote on whether we want a peaceful life and continuous construction, or chaos, downsizing, anti-familyism and unconditional service to globalist aspirations. We do not need liberal values, but a calm life, continuous development, family-friendly Hungary!

📌1. The Bocskai István Primary School in Debrecen was renewed.

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The European Union funds received by Debrecen are thus utilized. Schools are being renewed one by one. Taking into account the environmental aspects as well, we have renovated 10 educational institutions so far, 2 are in progress and another 6 are in preparation. Renewed environment, energy-saving operation in Bocskai István Primary School as well.# Debrecen2030


📌2. Ceremonial handover of the new Leopards' hangars in Tata

Two more Leopard 2A4 tanks arrived at the Tata barracks
Szilárd Németh, Parliamentary Secretary of State of the Ministry of Defense, inaugurated two hangars of about 2,000 square meters each in the barracks of the 25th György Rifle Brigade of the Tata Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The new hangars will house Leopard 2A4 tanks leased by the military from the military vehicle manufacturer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW).
Szilárd Németh said that eight tanks of this type have already arrived in Tata, and the ordered four are expected in the spring.
The 12 combat vehicles are primarily used to train the crew, as they are much more complicated to handle than the T-72s used so far, he added.
The Secretary of State said that from 2023, state-of-the-art 2A7 armored personnel will be able to be used by soldiers, 44 of which will be deployed to develop weapons.
He emphasized that from 2016, the state of the Hungarian economy allowed them to formulate the Zrínyi 2026 defense and force development program, as part of which the Tata brigade would be equipped with the most modern equipment.
The program set a threefold goal, to train soldiers at a high level, to introduce the latest techniques, and to build the appropriate infrastructure for all this, said Szilárd Németh.
With the construction of new hangars and the acquisition of Leopard tanks, it will be possible to acquire the right knowledge so that the triple goal can be achieved, he added.
Szilárd Németh thanked the Defense Forces for their ability not only in possible combat situations, but also in today's pandemic times. As he said, the first phase of the fight against the coronavirus was won with the exemplary contribution of the soldiers.


📌3. An industrial park was inaugurated in Taszár

Mihály Witzmannwritten by
We opened an industrial park in Taszár
Despite the plague of the epidemic, life cannot stop! Our region must develop even in this difficult situation!
Our joint work, our joint efforts, have reached the goal again today.
It will help modern infrastructure, support businesses, create new, modern jobs and develop the local economy, but also serve the purposeful and forward-looking use of the former barracks area.
This means the handover of the industrial park in the life of a settlement with two thousand inhabitants.
Because industrial parks are not born by themselves. We fought for it from the beginning until we won the tender! The Local Government of the Municipality of Taszár received HUF 300 million in non-refundable support through the Regional Development Operational Program in 2017.
The project was felt by both the previous and the current settlement management. Here it is! So the recipe for the road to success is no secret: a good idea, thoughtful preparation, persistent, persistent work and sincere cooperation!🤝
Thanks to this cooperation and joint work, in addition to the new industrial park, the renovation of the primary school, the modernization of the kindergarten and the creation of a new community space may soon begin.👍
Congratulations Taszár! God bless all the inhabitants of the area and the settlement!🇭🇺

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📌4. The new generation of ships arrive on Lake Balaton

The BAHART General Assembly voted to design and build 2 medium-sized catamarans and 2 ferries, launching the company’s recently announced fleet renewal program. At the meeting of the decision-making body, they also voted to increase the falcon capacity (coastal ship assembly area), however, the Hungarian state, which has majority ownership, suggested further consideration of the exact construction. The proposal will be renegotiated by the board later this year, as the development is of particular importance: thanks to the expanded hawk capacity, the new boats on Lake Balaton will be completed on site, about which BAHART has previously announced a visual plan.
As previously reported, a development that has been awaited for half a century will start on Lake Balaton, within the framework of which the entire water transport on Lake Balaton and its infrastructure will be modernized by the state-owned company. BAHART's chairman of the board had previously believed that the project needed to make up for 50-60 years of backlogs and purchases, but the grandiose investment could bring about a century-long change in Balaton's shipping and tourism.
The first step in this could be the decision of the general meeting of the company, according to which the Balaton fleet, which has remained unchanged since the 1970s, can be renewed with 4 new ships. The 2 ferries and 2 catamarans will be built on the BAHART assembly site. The company's general meeting may decide on the necessary capacity expansion this year as well.


📌5. The mayor's office, doctor's office and library moved to a building in Szabolcs were handed over

In Szabolcs, the mayor's office, doctor's office and library moved into one building were handed over, dr. István Simicskó, leader of the KDNP faction, dr. Győző Vinnai is a Member of Parliament and Oszkár Seszták, President of the County Assembly. In his speech, László Csegei, the mayor of Szabolcs, emphasized that the 367 people living in the settlement have now been given a building where they can recover in dignified conditions and act in small or large matters. During the HUF 58 million investment implemented within the framework of the Hungarian Village program, the more than one hundred-year-old house received modern thermal insulation and new doors and windows, solar panels provide electricity, and the whole institution is barrier-free. In the last five years, several other developments have taken place in the village of Szabolcs. The main road was renewed, the village was made bicycle-friendly, the kindergarten was beautified, and the drainage of rainwater was also solved, writes Eastern Hungary.


📌6. A covered product space was inaugurated in Domaszék

The new indoor product space in Domaszék has been completed.
The development was implemented within the framework of the LEADER program, with a subsidy of HUF 4 million, for which the local government provided almost the same amount of self-sufficiency. In the center of the settlement, in a 413-square-meter, paved area, a covered pavilion has been set up on a total of 90 square meters, which means five 18-square-meter sales outlets with shingle roofs and interior lighting. 20 tables were placed under the pavilions - at the same time, restrooms were built in the Teleház building.


❤️🤍💚We do not need liberal values, but a calm life, continuous development, family-friendly Hungary!


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